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WEBJD Wireless extender

WEBJD Wireless extender

The WEBJD Wireless extender expands the coverage of mobile phones, google chrome cast, Alexa Echo, smart TV, etc by connecting with the current router. It is a single band extender with two external antennas that raise the range upto 3000 square feet. Therefore, drops the dead zones by entering through solid walls, doors, floors, etc, and presents a stable video streaming, video conferencing, connecting to WiFi, and online gaming experience. The latest WEP encryption retains your network security protective. It fulfills a mighty speed of 450 MBps and provides a lag-free internet experience. Easily connects with a maximum router with universal and superior Wi-Fi communication standards. Due to the thin and flat design, it fits everywhere.

Cutting-edge technology with one push-button setup allows you to configure the device as an access point, router, client, WISP, and repeater mode. The inbuilt signal finder spots the best location with one glance. You don’t need to hesitate if the power connection is not stable because the fry and power surge protector moderates the variation in incoming voltage. The Alexa, smart TV, speaker, IP cameras compatible feature permits you to connect and enjoy every moment. The hardware installation of the extender are as follows

WEBJD Wireless extender Installation

Open the WEBJD shipment box and put all the pieces of equipment including the extender in-plane surface. Read the WEBJD Wi-Fi extender manual carefully before going to install it. Now follow these straightforward steps to achieve the installation

  • Put the WEBJD extender and the router in the same room with a low distance. Power on your router.
  • Power on your extender by unplugging it and plug it back in after 12 seconds.
  • Thumb down the WPS button on the router and alternately the WEBJD extender button too.
  • You will notice that the LED lights on the extender start lightening. It means the extender is detecting the router connection.
  • After some time, the illuminating LED light turns into a hard one. If it does not transform onto a hard one, then shift the position of the extender, if required. After completing the hardware installation, you can now migrate to the WEBJD setup action.

WEBJD Wi-Fi extender Setup

The WEBJD Wi-Fi extender setup is the most manageable setup. You have to chase its official site from the web browser. To obtain the web interface of the extender, join the extender internet port device to the LAN port of the router. Now get a connection to the router with the PC using an ethernet wire. For moreover info, catch these manageable and easy directions.

  • Join your PC or mobile phone to the extender network utilizing the WiFi option.
  • To get the flag signal, remark that the status of the WEBJD extender is intermediate-way between your Wi-Fi-enabled device or PC and the router.
  • Launch Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any different browser and type WEBJD Wi-Fi extender default IP address in the hunt box.
  • The setup page will initiate and it will demand you to insert the sign-in details.
  • Name the default passphrase as admin following determining the language and hit log in.
  • It will begin scanning the available networks. Now choose the network you prefer to extend.
  • Set the WiFi network passphrase and click save.
  • Now chase the on-screen guidance to achieve the setup wizard.
  • The WEBJD extender will reboot by itself and experience the connection after connecting to the WiFi network newly. After the WEBJD extender setup is finalized, you can perform after the login page to reach the settings. For that, follow the guidelines described below.

WEBJD Wireless extender Login

After completing the hardware installation and setup, you can manage the device with your mobile device and computer. if you are willing to access the WEBJD WiFi extender login page, then go after the simple instructions.

  • Type in the exploration box and click enter.
  • The new interface with username and passphrase will arrive.
  • Enter the name on both usernames and passphrases while filing with this device.
  • Hit the login icon to obtain the extender settings on the web interface.

Troubleshooting Tips For WEBJD Extender

All of the extender issue solutions are to reset it. It is simple and can be easily completed with just a button.

  • Plug your WEBJD extender into the AC joint.
  • Thumb down the WPS reset button for 12 to 15 seconds.
  • The LED lights begin blowing frequently.
  • The extender will rise by itself after a few seconds.
  • All the customized settings will switch to default factory settings.
Troubleshooting Tips To fix the Weak Signal of the WEBJD extender

If you are facing a weak signal issue, then you must follow these steps.

  • Cross-check the status of the extender. Relocate to a new spot to fix a poor signal. It must be nearby to the router.
  • Note that the router is not notably distant from 3 meters of the extender.
  • Verify that there is no barrier that may form a hindrance in the signal.
  • Contact your internet service provider and verify the connection.
Troubleshooting Tips To fix If WEBJD extender not working Properly?

If the WEBJD extender not working Properly, then certain uncomplicated steps will assist you to fix it.

  • This type of concern may result when the WEBJD Wi-Fi extender firmware is outdated. Get sure that the extender is up to date.
  • Power off your extender. After two minutes secure into the Ac joint again.
  • Verify that the AC joint is working properly. Avoid plugging the WEBJD device where there are extremely many devices connected.
  • Check the Connection within the WEBJD extender to the router is secure.

WEBJD Firmware Update

The firmware upgrade will fix numerous points and bugs. To do the firmware upgrade, you need to obtain the web management page first. Reaching the web management page will permit you to do not only the firmware but also several more major points. To update the WEDBJD firmware catch certain effortless steps.

  • Download the firmware from its official website by listing the model number and name.
  • Type in the exploration box and click enter.
  • The new dialogue with username and passphrase will show.
  • Enter the name on both usernames and passphrases while registering with this device.
  • Hit the login icon to reach the extender settings with the web interface
  • After the successful login, progress to the wireless network option.
  • Choose the firmware selection and then select manually by tapping the browse icon.
  • Select the location from your computer where you had downloaded.
  • Upload the firmware and pick OK. You will notice that the firmware update method has been started showing the percentage.
  • After few minutes of creating the firmware progress, the extender reboots by itself. When the extender starts following rebooting, it determines the firmware update is strong. Updating the firmware will fix bugs and issues and assist in the smooth running of the device.

WEBJD Wi-Fi Extender Review

If you are looking for a wide-range extender with great speed and coverage, then you are in the right spot. It is a great extender with brilliant features. No matter what and how thick the wall is, its signal can penetrate through the walls and metal doors. It is a single band extender with two external antennas that boost the range upto 3000 square feet. It supplies a mighty speed of 450 MBps and provides a lag-free internet experience. The modern WEP encryption keeps your network security protective. Easily connects with a maximum router with universal and advanced Wi-Fi communication standards. You can manage the device by giving voice commands as it is an Alexa-compatible device. The team is very responsive and provides solutions immediately. Overall, a great device and I suggest users willing to purchase this item, should go for it.


Q1. Can I connect an IP camera with this device?

Yes, you can connect an IP camera.

Q2. Is this device equipped with WEP security encryption?

Yes, the WEBJD extender is equipped with WEP security encryption.

Q3. How to spot a perfect location for my extender?

To begin with, move the extender to various locations. Note that the extender is not too far from the router. Verify that there is no interference that may generate hindrance in the signal. The inbuilt signal finder spots the best location with one glance.

Q4. How to fix it if my extender is not working?

When the WEBJD extender firmware is outdated, the bugs begin. Get sure that the extender is up to date. Power off your extender. After two minutes plug into the Ac joint again. Verify that the AC joint is working properly. Avoid plugging the device where there are too many devices connected. Check the Connection between the WEBJD extender to the router is proper.

Q5. What is the maximum coverage this device can provide?

The maximum coverage range this device can go to is 3000 square feet.

Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Setup

AERIAL D4Q is known for its Amazing efficiency and Wi-Fi range. Like all other repeaters, WL-WN576G3 AC1200 repeater eliminates all the Wi-Fi range dead-zone. It comes by checking all tick boxes needed for any Extender with industry range standards. It comes with the latest Amplification technologies and Beamforcing Technolgy. WL-WN576G3 compiles dual-band as well, it works in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Dual-band connections help us to get lag-free HD gaming and Online video streaming. It compiles a Gigabit Ethernet port as well, which makes it another step higher than it’s competitors. The device comes with a single-mode switcher button and WPS button for easy single button connection. When concluding it ticks all the boxes and a compact perfect device suitable for kids to hardcore internet users. Let’s start Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Setup-

Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Setup

Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Setup Via WPS

Wavlink AC-1200 can be setup via WPS and using an online web browser as well. It comes with this WPS built-in. Your router also must support WPS technology to setup via this method. Let’s go through the steps to connect your router and AERIAL D4Q via WPS button.

  • Open your WL-WN576G3 AC1200 from the box and find the WPS button on it.
  • Position the AERIAL D4Q in the range of your router for wireless connectivity.
  • Check the Mode switcher on the WL-WN576G3 repeater towards the repeater/extender.
  • Cross-check the router and Repeater is working properly and Power connected to it.
  • Locate and press the WPS button on the WN576G3 for about 10 seconds.
    Note: Rearrange your external antennas on the repeater for the best results.
  • Locate and press the WPS button on the router soon after pressing the pressing it on AERIAL D4Q.
  • Note: If you can’t locate the WPS button on the router then it may not support WPS connection so leave this part and proceed Wavlink Extender setup via online WEB-UI.
  • Locate the WPS LED on the AC1200 AERIAL.
  • If the WPS LED blinks blue colour, Connection is successful else repeat the above steps or try via online WEB-UI.
  • After connection, Blinking WPS LED will stay on which means everything working properly.
  • To receive the full potential of your Wavlink Extender relocate to an area which is the approximate midpoint of your router Wi-Fi range and Wi-Fi dead zone.
  • Note: You can use any speed test apps for checking speed and range. We recommend the OOKLA speed test.
  • Enjoy your Enhanced Wi-Fi range in your workplace using WL-WN576G3 Aerial Repeater.


Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Setup is easy using WPS single button but for a router that doesn’t support WPS, WN576G3 supports connection via online web browser as well. Let’s go through connections via web browsers.

  • Power your Wavlink Extender and your router which is allowed by the manufacturer.
  • AERIAL D4Q-AC1200 must be in the range of your normal router for no problems in network connectivity.
  • Power ON your AERIAL D4Q and push the mode switcher towards extender/repeater.
  • Wait until Power LED turns solid green.
  • Now select any device with a working web browser for connection.
  • Open Wi-Fi settings in your device.
  • Please connect to the Wi-Fi with SSID name begins with WAVLINK for proceeding towards the next steps.
  • No password needed to establish the connection as this is the first time connection.
  • Now choose and open any authorized web browser to access the Wavlink Extender Setup website for connection.
  • Now Please enter any of the below two URL to proceed.
  • You can use your default password for the connection. (“admin” – This is the default password)
  • Click Wizard option in your Extender Website after moves toward Repeater/Extender
  • Please select the correct router you need to connect.
  • Wait a few minutes to finish your setup.
  • To use it from any connected device, Please connect your extended SSID of the Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Extender and use the same password as a router.
  • Your Wi-Fi range is extended now. You can use from the extended range.
  • Note: For improved performance, relocate your Wi-Fi Extender to the midpoint of your router and Wi-Fi dead zone.


AC1200 AERIAL can be used in various modes as we went through such as Extender, Router, and Access Point. To connect your it as an Access Point, you need to connect your quality Ethernet cable to your LAN port in WL-WN576G3 Extender to create a Network hotspot. You can setup Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 as Access Point from any Desktop/Laptop/Android/ios devices.

  • Power your Wavlink WN576G3 AC1200 to proceed into the next steps.
  • Please rearrange your external antennas for better coverage.
  • Turn the Mode button to “Access Point” on the Wavelink Aerial Extender.
  • Locate the LAN port on the repeater which can be seen in the side panel or back panel of it.
  • Insert any quality ethernet cable for connection establishment as Access Point from router to repeater
  • Connect to the repeater’s default network name showing in your wifi list on your phone/laptop/desktop.
  • Now open any Web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox from the same device and enter either one of the URLs below.
    Note: a)
  • Enter into the next page via authentication.
  • For authentication, you can use the default password as “admin” for wavlink extender’s
  • Choose Access Point/AP from the Wizard menu.
    Creat New SSID, security type, and password for your WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Access point.
  • After a few minutes, your connection establishment is successful.
  • You can check whether the connection is successful if the Percentage reaches a hundred.

AERIAL D4Q – AC1200 Dual-band Wireless Firmware Update

Every Device has hardware as well as software. For the proper running of any system, we need to update our software frequently. To update software/firmware of WN576G3 AC1200 AERIAL we need to go through the following steps. You need a frequent internet connection to update. The firmware update is not recommended for devices already running smoothly. There will be performance and security enhancement after most updates. We can go through steps now.

  • We need to check whether there is an update or not.
  • For checking and update, we need any device with an active internet connection.
  • Open any web browser such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now enter the Repeater Update Checking page.
  • Enter either URL “” or “” in the web browser URL field.
  • Now access the update in the “settings” page.
  • Click the “Check Online” button.
  • If there is any update, Then follow the following steps.
  • Enter the download button and download it into your device.
  • Please Extract the file using any unzipper and Locate the Extracted files.
  • Press Upload and your firmware updated successfully.

How to Reset WN576G3 AC1200 AERIAL D4Q?

  • Please pick any object with a thin and sharp end like paper clip
  • There is a small gap on the AC1200 AERIAL with mark ” Factory Reset “.
  • Insert the object and press the Factory reset button for about seven seconds.
  • Now release the object from the Reset gap.
  • Please wait a few seconds to restart your ac1200 repeater.
  • Restarted d4q repeater is now in Factory Reset settings.
    Note: After restarting, Please wait for almost one minute to finish the extended reset.

There are two ways to reset your WN576G3 AC1200. Using a Factory reset gap or via an online web browser. We can now go through steps to reset via an Online web browser.

  • Open the Web browser from any connected device.
  • Now enter the repeater management/Reset page.
  • Click “Reset” from the “Backup/Restore” webpage.
  • Please wait a few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, WN576G3 will now reset to factory default settings. You can use your Extender in Factory default settings.
  • Click here to download Wavlink WL-WN576G3 AC1200 Pdf Manual.


wavlink wl-wn575a3 aerial d4 ac1200 setup

Wavlink WL-WN575A3 AERIAL D4 Dual-band Wireless Repeater helps to achieve the performance and efficiency needed for your home or work network. As of the current time, the home network is very important for people working in the tech field. As officers are working as “Work From Home” due to COVID-19 situations worldwide. Wavlink repeaters come with tons of amazing features such as single button setup via WPS, Triple mode usage as Router, Repeater, and as an Access point. Dual-band Repeater helps to achieve normal mode in 300 Mbps with 2.4GHz and faster mode in 867 Mbps with 5GHz. Aerial repeater comes with a compact design and portable plug-in manner. It compiles four external antennas with an omnidirectional design. WN575A3 Extender supports 99% of the routers and connects with any android or ios devices. It adopts special heat-absorbing material and an aluminum cool sink. Let’s start the Wavlink WL-WN575A3 extender setup-

Wavlink WL-WN575A3 Extender Setup VIA WPS

Wavlink Aerial D4-AC1200 Repeater can setup via WPS mode or via Online web browser mode. We can use any web browser suitable for your device. We recommend either Google chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox. Using this method is easy and fast-

  • Unbox and do the easy setup of your Aerial repeater. Please power the repeater via the electrical outlet.
  • To achieve maximum results, reposition your external antennas. Toggle the power button towards “ON”.
  • Toggle the mode switcher button towards “Repeater”. Locate and press the WPS button on your WL-WN575A3 Extender. Press this button for about 10 seconds until the LED blinks.
  • Locate and press the WPS button on the router for a few seconds.
    Note: Router’s manual can be used to know more about the router’s capability in WPS.
  • If the blue LED lights up on Extender, Your connection is successful.
  • Now relocate your WN575A3 Repeater to the best spot which is halfway from the dead spot and router.
  • Reposition your antennas which sinks with your new position.
  • Start enjoy your Extended wireless network and roam around your extended range.


Wavlink Aerial Repeater uses the advanced WPS technology for router-repeater connection but some old routers are not equipped with this technology, so Wavlink Aerial Extenders comes with easy setup via online Web-UI through any web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. For this connection, we may choose either and from the device connected between this repeater. In this article, we will learn about the Wavlink extender setup

  • If this repeater is newly bought, make all basic connections necessary as implied by the manufacturer. Make sure you power this Extender through a standard electrical outlet.
  • Reposition the external antennas in a way that it can achieve maximum coverage. Turn “ON” the extender button on the Aerial Extender.
  • If the power supply is successful, Power LED lights with solid green. Push the “Mode Switcher Button” towards “Extender”.
  • Select any device like laptop/computer/phone to connect your Extender via an online web browser.
  • Now connect this device to your Wavlink Aerial Repeater by connecting the Wi-Fi of your repeater that begins with “Wavlink_Extender_XXX”.
    Note: NO password required for first-time connection establishment.
  • Once connected, open any web browser mentioned in the description.
  • Enter or or ap.setup in the address bar.
  • Connect via default password:- “admin”.
  • Enter the wizard page from the homepage and select the repeater mode.
  • Pick the correct name of the router you wish to connect and type the router password.
  • Eventually, after this it will apply settings that take around 60 seconds. Then you will be able to connect your devices to the extended network.

Wavlink WL-WN575A3 Extender Setup AS ACCESS POINT

Wavlink Aerial Repeater can be Setup as your router, extender, or Access Point. Now you can establish a connection via an Ethernet cable to your LAN port in Aerial Extender to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. These hotspots can make your work easier and enhanced since they can be taken to large distances via ethernet cable. Let’s start the WL-WN575A3 setup as an access point-

  • First and foremost, open your Wavlink Aerial Extender package and power your Extender via any standard electrical outlet.
  • Arrange the antennas in your Aerial Repeater to achieve maximum efficiency and coverage.
  • Turn the Mode switcher button to “Access Point” on your Wavelink Aerial Repeater.
  • Choose any quality ethernet cable and connect the extender with an ethernet cable to the router.
  • Connect to the Repeater Wi-Fi network(wavlink_extender_XXX) from your laptop/phone.
  • Enter any of the following URL from the same device connected to the wavlink extender’s default network.
    Type: or
  • Enter the default password as “admin”.
  • Click “Wizard” from the homepage
  • Locate and select “AP” mode from the page just opened.
  • Please wait a few seconds until the percentage bar reaches full and lookup for the success message.
  • Now your Extender successfully connected as Access Point.
  • To connect any device, just connect via Extender SSID.

WL-WN575A3 Extender Firmware Update

Wavlink Aerial Extender are well known for its line of products as well as updated products. They are well known for software experience and stability as well. To confirm this company rolls out timely updates. We can go through how to firmware updates through the following steps.

  • First of all we need a device connected with your Wavlink Aerial Extender for the following steps.
  • To check whether there is an update for your Wavlink extender, Open any web browser from the connected device onto the following web address.
  • Enter the URL “” or “” from the web browser.
    Go to the updates section on “settings” from the homepage.
  • Now go through the “Check Online” button.
  • From the page, if there is an update just follow the prompts and download the latest update into your device.
  • Unzip your downloaded file and press the browse from the above page.
  • Now upload the file from your device onto the website.
  • Finally, after few seconds firmware update will start soon and your Wavlink Extender will be updated as well.

Firmware updates are optional for Wavlink Aerial Extender which makes your Repeater faster, stable, and reliable. The firmware update can improve your system at various levels. But the manufacturer cautions firmware update is not strict and if your system is highly stable, there’s no need for a firmware update.

How to Reset WL-WN575A3 Wavlink Extender?

Wavlink WL-WN575A3 Aerial Extender can reset easily via two methods. Using the Reset button on the Aerial and via an online web browser. First, we can go through using the reset button, and then we can go through reset via online web-UI. To reset via an online web browser enter into the Extender management page from the connected device.

  • Fisrtly, pick any Clip/Pencil with a narrow point.
  • Locate and Press the Factory reset button for seven seconds on your Wavlink Aerial Extender.
  • After a few seconds, release the reset button and wait some time.
  • Soon the WN575A3 Extender will restart with factory default settings. It will take about one minute to fully reset the Extender.

You can reset your Extender via any Web browser. We can follow the below steps for updating via the online web browser.

  • Open any web browser and enter the Extender management page.
  • Press the “Reset” option from the “Backup/Restore” in the Extender management page.
  • Now please wait a few seconds.
  • Moreover, after a few minutes, Extender will be restarted with factory default settings.
  • Click here to download Wavlink WL-WN575A3 extender Pdf Manual.

Wavlink Wifi Extender Setup

This device supports 2.4GHz 300Mbps & 5GHz 867Mbps model, suitable for all kind of router, you will never worry about compatibility. You can easily connect your computers, laptops, cell phones, smart tvs, roku, alexa and stream online games and 4K videos. This wavlink wifi extender setup is not equipped as repeater mode, but also can aslo work as a excellent wireless Access point. You can Setup Wavlink range extender via WPS function can Setup it via browser. You can connect your chromecast or firestick or smart tv with the help of Built-in one Ethernet LAN.

Wavlink WiFi Extender Setup in Repeater Mode

  • Firstly, place your Wavlink Wifi Extender Setup close to your router, like within the range of 5-10 feet from the router or they can be within the same room.
  • Now you will observe the light on the Extender will be red blinking.
  • On your cell phone or laptop turn on the WiFi and connect your device to the Wavlink default extender network name i.e. Wavlink-N or Wavlink-AC.
  • Open a browser like (Google, Firefox, Safari, Etc) on your wireless devices.
  • In the URL or Address bar you need to type or and hit ENTER.

NOTE:- In case isn’t working try resetting the extender and rebooting your router afterwards.

Wavlink Wifi Extender Setup
  • For first login into your Wavlink wifi extender setup type username as admin( all lower case) and hit login.
  • System Setup will require you to create password for your Wavlink Wifi extender setup web management login, then hit save.
  • Choose the WiFi repeater mode among the operation mode available on the screen.
  • Next step requires you to select the main WiFi network that you want to extend. It will show you the list of all the available networks in your area.
  • Type the password for the selected wireless SSID that ou want to extend.
  • You can Either keep the same SSID as your router or you can customize new network name for extended network according to your need.
  • It takes minimum 60 seconds for the Wavlink Aerial to get connected to your router.
  • You can place the Aerial X range extender at the place where you need Internet Connectivity. In case you have Blue LED on the Extender that means the signal is Excellent.

Setup Wavlink Aerial as Access Point

  • Plug in your Wavlink Aerial close to your router.
  • Connect your mobile or laptop to the Wavlink networks default name i.e. Wavlink-N or Wavlink-AC.
  • Open a browser and in the address bar type or
  • Enter admin for first login into your Wavlink extender.
  • The system setup will ask you to select a time zone and create a system management password.
  • Choose LAN Bridge or Access Point and create a New SSID and Password, hit Apply.
  • Connect a Ethernet cable between your router and Wavlink extender. Check Manual.

Victony Wa1200 Wifi Extender Setup

Victony is a pioneer when it comes to delivering value for money service. Its 1200 MBPS speed makes gaming, online HD video streaming, downloading and uploading a smooth experience. Victony Wa1200 wifi Extender is equipped with a WPS, (router, Repeater and AP mode), LAN/WAN port, ON/OFF switch and a reset button. Victony setup can be done either through WPS or by web browser setup via Its powerful antennas make it easy for you to stay connected even when your signals are weak. The LED indicator on it helps you to find the best suitable spot to use this extender. Two Ethernet port on the extender lets you connect any of your computer or gaming consoles and the WAN port allows to use Victony as Router.

How to Setup Victony wa1200 Wifi Extender Via WPS

  • Firstly plugin your Victony Wifi extender close to your router.
  • It is recommended to place it in the same room or within 5-10 Feet, for faster connection.
  • As soon as you plug in the extender wait until the power LED turns solid green for victony wa1200 setup.
  • Now press and hold WPS on your victony extender for around 2 seconds.
  • Repeat the same process on your router, by pressing the WPS on your router.
  • Now you will find a green blinking light on your victony wifi extender and a blinking light on your configured/working router.
  • It hardly takes 10-15 seconds for both your victony and router to recognise each other and establish the connection.
  • Once a connection is successful the WPS light on your Wifi Extender will turn solid green.
  • You can now unplug your extender and place it just at the location where you find dead spots.
    NOTE:- In case the WPS doesn’t work try resetting the Extender. Also for seamless Wifi Connection place this extender away from big electrical appliances.
Victony Wa1200 wifi Extender

Victony setup via on browser

  • For this Setup, you just need to plug your extender into one of the wall outlet, no compulsion to plug it near the router.
  • Now wait until the extender boots up properly and you have a solid green light on the power.
  • On your wireless devices like laptop, WiFi-enabled desktop, Mac or phone etc open WiFi.
  • Now scroll through your WiFi list and connect to open/unsecured Victony Network.
  • Once connected open browser on the same device and in the address bar type and hit enter.
  • It will open your Victony WiFi Extender Setup page for you.
    NOTE:- In case doesn’t work then try resetting the extender, or change the browser or use a different device.
  • On your Victony browser setup page follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When asked to select Network you would like to extend, then select the main wireless network that you would like to extend.
  • After this, it will then ask you to punch in your wireless Internet password.
  • WiFi light will turn solid green on the extender after extender is successfully connected with the router.
  • Now you can unplug it and place it at the place where you need Internet connectivity.
  • As you unplug your extender it takes around 60 seconds for extender to boot up.
  • For best coverage place the extender in the direct line of sight of the router away from big appliances like microwave.
  • Victony WiFi extender manual comes with the extender.

victony wa305 new extender setup

Are you facing problems in connecting your wifi network to your mobile devices? Are you getting a slow network speed even after using a wifi network? Do you want to enjoy a seamless and high-speed network in your home without compromising with the dead zones of your house? If your answer is yes for any of the questions above, then bring out the Victony Wa305 wifi extender to your home. It is a complete solution for all your network and connectivity issues. The Victony Wa305 is a wifi range extender that increases the range of your wifi demolishing all the dead zones of your house. Here we will learn about VICTONY WA305 Setup

Victony Wa305 Features

  • Victony Wa 305 provides some stunning features to its users that helps them to enjoy seamless data surfing over the wifi network.
  • The Victony Wa305 performs multiple functions to reduce the quantity of the appliances.
  • It performs as a Wifi range extender to repeat, extend the coverage of the wifi network.
  • Can be set up as a wireless access point that converts a wired network to a wireless network.
  • It also performs as a Wireless router that creates a private ac wireless network instantly.
  • With the transmission rate of 300mbps, the Victony Wa305 extender enables you a comfortable net surfing, video chatting, and much more.
  • With two external antennas attached to the extender, you can easily enjoy web surfing anywhere in your house or office.

The Victony Wa305 Setup

Setting up the Victony Wa305 wifi extender means connecting a complete wifi solution for your home. There are various ways following which you can set up the Victony Wa305 to demolish all the dead zones of your house. The victony quick setup means setting up the Wifi extender in just a few steps. Plug the range extender into an electrical outlet near the host wifi router. Turn on the power Led and wait until it turns solid

Victony Wa305 setup via web browser

  1. Connecting the computer to the extender’s network:
    For windows,
  • If an ethernet cable is connected to the computer, unplug it
  • Open the taskbar and click on the wifi icon to connect it to the extender’s wireless network
    Note: The extender’s wifi network name will be either Victony_Extender_2.4GHz or Victony _Extender_5GHz.
  • For Macintosh computers,
  • If an ethernet cable is connected to the mac os computer, unplug it
  • In the top corner(right) of the screen, click on the wifi icon to connect it to the extender’s wifi network
    Note: The extender’s wifi network name will be either Victony_Extender_2.4GHz or Victony_Extender_5GHz.

Using the quick setup wizard to connect to the extender’s network

  • Open a web browser in your selected computer or device
  • Enter http://ap.setup or in the address field
  • The default username and password is ‘admin’.(Username and password are case sensitive)
  • For secure management purposes, you can also create a new username and password
  • Click on confirm
  • Select the SSID(Network name) of your 2.4GHz host router
  • Enter the router’s password(Not the password that is created by you for management)
  • Click on next
  • Select the SSID(Network name) of your 5 GHz host router
  • Enter the router’s password(Not the password you created)
  • Click on next
    You can either use the default SSIDs or change it for the extended network
  • Click on next
  • Check the wireless settings and save it
  • The LEDs should be turned on
    And that’s it. Just sit back wherever you want to in your house and enjoy the seamless and smooth wifi net surfing.

Victony Wa305 wifi extender setup via WPS button

Every host router and extender have the WPS button attached to them.

  • On your host router, press the WPS button for about 2 secs
  • Similarly, press the WPS button on your extender for about 2 secs
  • The signal LED will turn solid blue after some time that indicates that the connection via the WPS button is successful.
  • And that’s all, ‘Enjoy the smooth and strong wifi net surfing from any place of your house eliminating all the dead zones.

Victony Wa305 wifi extender firmware update

Updating the firmware means upgrading the extender which ensures better performance of the extender. You can update the extender’s firmware by following the simple steps given below:

  • Open the official website of the company and download the latest firmware file
  • Visit the website ap.setup and enter the username and password that you have set for the extender
  • Open Settings and go to system tools
  • Click on Firmware upgrade
  • Browse the downloaded firmware file and click on upgrade
  • Reboot the extender after the upgrade
    Great, your extender’s firmware has been successfully upgraded.

The Victony Wa305 user manual

The user manual of the Victony Wa305 contains various important information and tips for the users.
It contains many important topics like:

  • The device overview: A short brief of the device it came with.
  • Device setup: It contains steps and tips to set up the device.
  • Network customization: It helps you to configure the network settings of the device.
VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Setup, troubleshooting, & review

The VANIN EC4-1200 range extender comes with advanced technology that eliminates or vanishes all dead zones of your home. It is mainly used for extending the network coverage of the existing router up to 1500 square feet and surged its network in approximately 20 devices. This extender is very unique because it works in multi-mode (AP/Repeater/Router mode) functions basically for providing the better service to HD 4K streaming, play lag-free gaming, video chats, or conferencing, or transferring the files.

The VANIN wifi extender also provides the network connection through the 2 Gigabit Port and using the MU-MIMO Technology. Its Gigabit Ethernet ports usually make a stable and fast connection between your wireless devices. The VANIN ec4-1200 wifi booster universally is very compatible with up to 99% of access points, any standard routers, modems, or gateways. Ordinally, this wifi range extender works with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band Internet service providers. It performs well with almost any wireless networking router and access point.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Installation

Without installing any networking devices, you can not use its services and network. So, firstly install it and solve the “How to connect vanin WiFi Extender” problem by following the below steps.

  • By choosing an optical and ventilating location for your Vanin wireless range extender, place it there.
  • Verify that the Vanin wifi extender location is not too far away from the existing access point or wireless router.
  • Similarly, you can also find a better location to keep it through its smart signal indicator.
  • So, choose the place accordingly or the other option to choose a better location from all this is the VANIN ec4-1200 manual instructions.
  • Choose location accordingly and keep it perfectly there and as well as plug the VANIN extender into the electric power socket.
  • Now, join the existing router network to expand it.
  • To join the network, use an Ethernet cable or you can also use the WPS button.
  • Then, pressing the one-touch joins the existing router network.
  • So, finally, the LED light will flash automatically after properly joining the network.

Thus, the VANIN EC4-1200 wifi extender Installation is complete in normalcy without struggling with its configuration process.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Login

Some Vanin wifi extender instructions give in below with explained instructions to activate the account of your vanin wifi extender ec4-1200 login.

  • Using its smart 2 Gigabit Ethernet cable port connects it with your Ethernet port using the device.
  • You also have another option to join the network of extenders that is a wireless connection. So, to use it go into your system WiFi list menu and find your VAnin extender name and by putting the VANIN wifi extender password, join the network.
  • Now, your Pc successfully connects with the internet, then to the VANIN extender login, and goes into the web interface.
  • Type the VANIN wifi default IP address or in the address field of the web interface.
  • Wait, the login activating credentials box is open now on the PC screen.
  • Fill in this, the VANIN Extender default password or username.
  • Finally, click on the below side given on your PC “login” option which is displayed on the screen.

Altogether, the VANIN extender login steps are completed in a like manner.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Manual

The VANIN WiFi Extender Manual has come with some important and with product description. That normally provides the basic vanin wifi extender ec4-1200 instructions. The product designer describes in the manual every part of basic instructions also included in the packaging box accessories parts will be described with a full explanation. It has also given your basic questions answers such as how to set up a vanin wifi extender? How to connect a vanin WiFi Extender? How to log in to the VANIN extender? Or more basic queries of yours. Gṣet your all types of queries through the Juplink extender manual and if anytime you can not understand its given instructions and its answers then don’t worry about it just follow the given instructions to solve your VANIN range extender various problems.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Setup

There are some instructions to solve your “how to set up the vanin wifi extender” issue. These are given below.

  • Go into the setting menu directly, after completing the VANIN range extender login process.
  • Through the settings menu, you have to change the extenders’ various settings like Advance settings, administrative settings, wireless settings, etc.
  • So, click on the setting which you want to change under its settings menu.
  • Now, change the Vanin wifi range extender setting like convert teh 2.4GHz band network to the 5GHz band network to get the fastest network.
  • After that, apply all the changes into the Vanin wifi extender ec4-1200, just tap on the “save option”.

Thus, the Vanin ec4-1200 setup process is finishing up now. So, these are some steps for the Juplink wifi extender setup.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender troubleshooting

Many times, the ec4-1200 wifi extender shows and causes various problems when it is working and throws the internet. So, to solve its problem follow the given steps.

  • The Vanin wifi extender is not working sometimes, because it is not attached to the electric power properly and does not access the main hub’s existing router network connection. So, before using it, also check again its wiring connection and then start it.
  • If the Vanin wifi extender is not connecting to the internet, it means it is not able to connect to the network connection. So, firstly connect its network connection properly and start its power again and connect the network to check if it’s working now or not.
  • Moreover, the Vanin wifi extender keeps disconnecting, because it is not placed according to the manual. So, change the location of it and then start accessing the network connection.
  • Apart from this, if the Vanin WiFi extender is not connecting to the router, then you have to reboot it and then start its power again within twenty seconds.
  • If your router is outdated then it causes the Vianin Wifi extender not to show up. So, update the Vanin range extender firmware with the latest version.

So, these are some various fixing and Vanin range extender troubleshooting steps.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender review

For the first time, I have bought a new range extender to exceed the network range in the whole home up to 1500 square feet areas. This is the Vanin range extender EC4-1200, which is easily compatible with my oldest router and easily connects up to twenty or more devices to my existing router or access point WiFi. Before using it, I read the manual instructions carefully and when I started working on it. It is really simple, installed without struggle, and does not take much time. So, finally, I am happy using it and I have used this VAnin range extender for a long time. I gei=ve the Vanin range extender reviews to many people.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to update the VANIN wireless extender firmware?

There is a way to update the Vanin range extender firmware by going into the web interface. You directly go to the extender setting menu and update your device accordingly.

Q2. How to do the VANIN wifi range extender reset?

Your Vanin range extender comes with a reset button, it is located in the base station of the extender, so by pressing it, you can reset it.

Q3. How to use the Vanin range extender gigabit ports network easily?

You have to connect its network only with an ethernet cable using devices like laptops, PC, or printers. So, connect its Ethernet cable with the port and enjoy the VAnin range extender network.

Q4. What should I do to exceed the Vanin extender network coverage?

Nothing to do, just you can place it in a ventilated, airy, cool, and optical location in your home. Also, keep it closer to the router.

In case you are trying Setup, use this link for further assistance ap.setup.

Techly Wall Plug Wireless Router 300N Wall Repeater2

Nowadays we cannot imagine a day without the internet. The Internet plays an important role in our day today life. In accordance with the need. we have a brand new product. Yes, your thoughts about our product based on the above description are right, Techly Wireless Router 300N is an all-new portable( wireless ) router – Wall Plug Wireless Router 300N Wall Repeater2. A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer network.

Let us understand this by a very general example, suppose you search for in your web browser then this will be a request which will be sent from your system to the google`s server to serve that webpage, now your request which is nothing but a stream of packets don`t just go the google`s server straightaway they go through a series of networking devices known as a router which accepts this packets and forwards them to correct path and hence it reaches to the destination server.

Our product is a portable and wireless router which provides a wide range of internet to a particular distance with strong wifi field. Now let us get to know about the setup and installation, types of modes, updation of firmware, methods to reset the router, and few issues of it.


Standard: IEEE 802.11b / g / n, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u

  • Supports Router, Client, Bridge, Repeater (Range etxtender), AP mode
  • Provides 1-port 10 / 100Mbps Auto-Negotiation Ethernet WAN
  • QoS assures the quality of VoIP and multimedia stream
  • Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps and backward compatible with 802.11b / g
  • Frequency range: 2.412-2.472GHz
  • Supports SSID broadcast control, WMM and WMM-APSD
  • Supports 64/128/152-bit WEP, in accordance with 128-bit WPA (TKIP / AES),
  • The user interface supports free software update via WEB
  • Supports configuration file backup and restore
  • Setup Wizard and easily


  1. Firstly, decide where to place the router
  2. Connect to the Internet
    Attach the router to a cable – or choose a mesh router
    Check the router’s LED lights
    Test the connection with a device
  3. Configure the wireless router gateway.
  4. Connect gateway to router
  5. Use ap.setup or on web dashboard
  6. Create a username and password
  7. Update the router’s firmware
  8. Create a Wi-Fi password
  9. Use auto-configuration tools where possible
  10. Finally, setup security

Techly 300N repeater modes :


Access Point mode is when you want to connect the router up to an Internet source via a cable. This differs from the default method of connecting to the Internet; while the default method plugs directly into the Internet, using Access Point mode allows you to connect it via cable to, perhaps, another router. Using Access Point mode is ideal if you want to extend the WiFi range, but the router you’re using to extend it isn’t too far away from the main central router.

The cable will ensure you get the best possible speeds between the access point and the central hub, and you don’t have to worry about anything interfering with a WiFi signal. This is a great choice if you want to extend your home connection past something like a solid wall that’s blocking WiFi connections. Simply connect the router to the central hub, place it on the other side of the wall, and put it in access point mode.


Repeater mode is not too different; it performs the same role as Access Point mode, but the key is that it talks over WiFi instead. As such, this doesn’t get around obstacles as well as an access point does. Moreover, while an access point can be put in front of an obstacle, a repeater will need to be angled around it. However, the benefit of repeaters is that they don’t need a cable to connect to the central hub.

This means if the problem with your WiFi is purely tied to distance, a repeater can be placed at the halfway point to help extend your signal. If you’re signed up to an ISP that allows you access to a public-broadcast WiFi signal, you can use a router in repeater mode to pick up the signal and beam it to your household. This is particularly useful if your Internet goes down for some reason!


Follow the short process below for the best possible chance of improving the situation. Rebooting this way works with most makes and models of routers and modems.

  1. First of all, unplug the techly wireless router 300n and the modem. If you have other managed network hardware, such as network switches, unplug that hardware. Unmanaged devices can be left powered on, but use your judgment if you think these might be part of the problem.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds. This time lets the devices cool down and indicates to your ISP, computers, and other devices that the router and modem are offline. This step may not be necessary if you know what the problem is with the connection. Restart the router and modem when you don’t know what’s wrong.
  3. Plug in the modem. If it doesn’t power on in the first few seconds, press the Power button. The modem is the device that your connection to the internet attaches to. For example, with cable-based internet service, the modem attaches to the coax cable from outside the home
  4. NOTE:Wait at least 60 seconds. During this time, the modem authenticates with your ISP and is assigned a public IP address.
  5. Plug in the router. Some routers may require that you press a Power button. On a combination modem-router, skip this and the next step. The software in that device initiates things in the proper order. The router is physically connected to the modem, so the device next to the modem is probably the router. Not all routers have an antenna, but many do, so if you see one or more of those, that’s probably the router.
  6. Wait at least 2 minutes. This gives the router time to boot up. It also gives computers, smartphones, and other devices that use the network time to get new private IP addresses assigned by the DHCP service in the router.
    If you turned off the power for switches or other network hardware, power those back on. Then, wait a minute. If you have several devices, power them on from the outside-in, based on your network map.
  7. Lastly, when the router and modem restart, test to see if the problem went away.

LED status on Techly repeater

Those lights on your router or cable modem aren’t just there for show. Techly repeater lights convey information about the status of your internet connection. Here’s how you can use them to troubleshoot problems. You may have noticed that your router and modem have, like, a ton of constantly blinking lights on them. Actually, I was being facetious saying “you may have noticed” because these lights are totally obvious. What isn’t obvious is what the hell the purpose of these lights is. When you lose the internet, here’s how you can use some of them to troubleshoot the problem.

On a router:

Most routers have a single light dedicated solely to the status of the internet connection. This light is often labeled as the Internet, WAN, or marked with a symbol of a globe or a satellite flying around a globe. In most cases, this light needs to be lit solid (white, green, or amber) or flashing to show that internet activity is happening. But if it’s off or red in color, then it’s time to check to make sure that the network cable that connects the router’s WAN (Internet) port (often on the back of the router) to the modem is plugged in and not broken in any way. If the cable is all fine, then it’s time to check your cable or DSL modem’s light.

On a modem (or a router/modem combo)

Similar to routers, most modems (both Cable and DSL) have a light dedicated to the broadband connection. This light is often labeled as Online, Cable, Sync, or Signal and usually has a symbol similar to the internet light on a router as mentioned above. Under normal conditions, this light should be solid green (or amber).

If it’s off, red, or flashing constantly (it’s OK if it flashes for a short time, like less than a minute, after a reboot) then check to make sure the service cable, either the phone line (DSL) or the coaxial cable (cable internet) is securely plugged in and not broken. If the cable is fine, then you should call the service provider (and tell them about the status of the light) because there’s nothing you can do on your own at that point to fix the problem


  • Mismatched Wi-Fi Security Settings.
  • MAC Address Restrictions.
  • Loose or Disconnected Cables.
  • Overheating or Overloading.
  • Wireless Signal Limitations.
  • Defective or Outdated Hardware or Firmware.


  • Update your router’s firmware. The reason to do this step is twofold.
  • Look for interferences. Routers often compete for airwaves with other household devices.
  • Change channels.
  • Put the kids and guests on their own network and enable QoS.
  • Get an updated router.
  • Try a Mesh network.
  • Check your security.
  • Change location.


1. Connection:

The primary function of a router is to share a single network connection among different machines. Using these multiple users can be connected to the internet so that overall productivity can be increased. Besides that routers also functions to connect different network architectures and medias.

2. Security:

Having a router is surely a first step towards securing a network connection. Because connecting to the internet directly with a modem exposes your PC to a variety of security threats. Therefore routers can be used intermediately between 2 networks so that the environment is secure to some extent. While this is not a replacement for an antivirus or a firewall, certainly it is worthy.

3. Dynamic Routing:

For facilitating internetwork communication, the router uses dynamic routing techniques. Dynamic routing determines the best path available for the internetwork. And also it creates broadcast and collision domains. This can overall reduce network traffic.

4. NAT Usage:

Routers take use of Network Address Translation (NAT). With NAT routers can share the connection by using a single public IP address and share of UDP ports. Moreover, it is almost impossible for large companies to connect to the internet without NAT.


1. Speed:

Unlike repeaters and bridges, routers do not just read 2 layers of information. It completely analyzes data from the physical to the network layer. As a result, the connection could become slow. Moreover using routers, multiple computers can share the network for which the router undergoes a situation known as ” Connection Wait ”. This possibly slows the connection more.

2. Cost:

Routers are costly more than any other networking device. This includes a hub, bridge, and security. Therefore routers are not always the greatest option in terms of cost.

3. Reliability:

Not all the time routers are reliable. Still some modern devices use 2.4GHz spectrum which frequently gets disconnected. Moreover, most at times these types of disconnections are experienced by the people residing in flats and apartments.

5. Implementation:

A typical router requires lots of initial configurations and NAT to setup. And also even for the simplest connection, there should be a private IP address assigned. If there are more services enabled it needs more configurations as well. This in essence creates more complications in the setup.

Spectrum Wi-Fi Router

Spectrum Wi-Fi Router

The brand new Spectrum Wi-Fi router has dual-band technology which gives you top-notch service. This router has the newest 802.11 ac wireless technology which gives you access to high-speed network connections with ease. It has all the updated technology one can expect from a good Wi-Fi router. The dual-band technology helps to deliver smooth Wi-Fi connections and has a broader range so that you can enjoy its network from every corner of your home. The ultra-speed network of this device is ideal for streaming online games, HD videos, uploading large files, and other heavy tasks. It has security and encryption features also, which uses WPA2 wireless encryption and an SPI firewall that defends viruses, malware, and hackers.

How to Install Spectrum Wi-Fi Router?

The Spectrum Wi-Fi router delivers incredible Wi-Fi network speed in any large premises, perfect for any residence, office, hotel, and apartment. But before using this, you need to install it first. Here are the following steps for the Spectrum router setup process,

  • First, check the package for the required contents like power adapter, power cord, ethernet cable, wifi router manual, and the router itself.
  • Put the router in a place from where it could be easy to catch the network from any corner of the premises.
  • Then connect the power adapter with your router and switch on the router.
  • After that search for your router connection in any of your devices, i.g. Mobile, laptop, pc, tablet, etc.
  • Select the Wi-Fi router’s network by clicking from your available Wi-Fi network list.
  • Put the router network password by clicking on the label.

Now that the installation process is complete and your device is connected to the Wi-Fi network, you have to go to the login page of the Spectrum Wi-Fi router and gain access. If you have any doubts about the login page, here are the steps.

login page of the Spectrum Wi-Fi router

  • First, check whether your device is properly connected to the router’s network.
  • Then, open the web browser on your device and click on the URL bar.
  • After that, type the Spectrum router IP address, i.e. and or you can use the web address which is, http://ap.setup
  • Now put your credentials, like username, password or you can choose the default login option and easily log in to the account. The default username and password is, Username: admin Password: admin
  • After filling in the information click “login”. Now the login process is complete.

How to Change the Default Username and Password?

If someone wants to change the default username and password, it can be done very easily. Here are the following guidelines for the process,

  • Repeat the previous steps for login and go to the login page.
  • In the dialogue box enter your new preferred network name and password and click “apply”. It will change to your preferred network name and password.

How to Setup the Spectrum Router via Web Browser?

Setting up the Wi-Fi router is the first and foremost thing you have to do. The following guidelines are,

  • First, switch on the Wi-Fi router. Check the led indicator attached to it, if it is green, it means the connection is good. Then go to the login page insert the router IP address, username, and password.
  • After that, select the security and frequency band provided in the option.
  • Select the internet connection type and channel bandwidth and click “apply”. Your router is all set to go.

Steps for Troubleshooting the Spectrum WiFi Router

Sometimes the Wi-Fi router may not work properly, although these are very rare. If you come across such issues, here are the steps for troubleshooting,

  • It happens that sometimes the network cannot connect to your devices like your phone, laptop, pc, etc. To connect with the Wi-Fi, check if the Wi-Fi signal is turned on; otherwise simply restart your device.
  • Sometimes the internet connection can be slow, try the Spectrum self- install troubleshooting, it will resolve the errors by rebooting your router. Also you can try to reposition the router where it has fewer barriers or keep it in the center.
  • You should always check if a new spectrum router firmware update is available.
  • If there is any fault in the setup of the Spectrum Wi-Fi router setting, you can simply just reset.

Manual of the Spectrum Wi-Fi Router

The device comes with a Spectrum Wi-Fi router manual book. It contains all the answers for the basic queries, e.g. “How to set up the Spectrum router?”, “How to access the login page?’’, “Also How to find the default IP address?’’, “How to reset the router?’’, etc. Can find all the detailed specifications in this manual book.

Spectrum Wi-Fi Router Review

The Spectrum Wireless router is exceptionally an impressive device, it provides a high-class wifi network, making your work pace smooth and efficient without any fuss. For professionals whose works are solely dependent on the Internet, this is the perfect device for them and it also comes at a reasonable price. Besides having the gigabit ethernet, USB port, it has everything one can expect from a wireless router. This device also comes with the latest wireless standards like 5GHz: IEEE 802.11ac 2.0, 802.11n, 802.11a; 2.4GHz: IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b. It provides the security WEP, WPA, WPA2 to protect your device from the virus and malware. It’s a magnificent entry-level wireless router that allows you to save a lot of your buck among wireless routers.


How to access the Spectrum router login page?

If the spectrum router login is not working, you need to verify the router IP address. Still not working then clean the history of the browser or use another web browser.

What should I do if my spectrum Wi-Fi router is not working?

First, switch off then unplug the modem from the router. Again plugin and power on the router.

How do I reset the spectrum router?

To reset the Wi-Fi device, press the reset button, and hold it for 10 seconds, and release it. The device will get reset.

Can I expand the range of the Spectrum wireless router?

To expand the range of the router, you need an extender to connect. You can use the spectrum router WPS button to connect the extender.

How do I access the router without the app?

To access the spectrum wireless router without the app, log in through the web browser. For this, you will need the spectrum router’s IP address.

setup wavlink aerial wl-wn579g3 ac1200 repeater

Wavlink AC1200 Wireless Dual-band Extender is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for an Extender with lots of features and a compact design for users. This budget Extender improves your wireless network strength and eliminates all the dead zones in and around your home. It comes with different modes as AP Mode and Repeater Mode. It comes with easy installation and latest technologies such as Beamforming technology, Heat dissipation design, Smart indicators, Ultra-Fast Data transfer, and High-gain adjustable antennas. Wavlink uses high power to keep the Wi-Fi Strength Full. It comes with Wavlink documentation and Wavlink company Warranty. We can say it’s a future proof extender with all these features. Let’s start the Wavlink WL-WN579G3 AC1200 Repeater setup-

Wavlink AC-1200 Repeater Setup with WPS

Wavlink wn579g3 repeaters are known for easy installations and different ways to setup. Now we discuss the Wavlink Ac1200 setup using the WPS button-

  • Unbox your Wavlink aerial repeater from the box and read instructions from the Quick guide.
  • Plug your repeater into any Electrical outlet.
  • Note: Choose an ideal place for Extender which is the midpoint of the dead zone of the Wi-Fi range and router.
  • Check the router functioning and check whether your router is supported by your repeater.
  • Reposition your antennas which help to get an Extra boost in Wireless range.
  • Take a close look at your quick guide and locate the WPS button.
  • Locate the WPS button on your router as well.
  • Switch ‘ON’ the Extender.
  • Move the switch in the Extender switch to “repeater” in the “Access Point/Repeater/Router” switch.
  • Press the WPS button which can be located in your Wavlink aerial wn579g3.
  • After successfully following the above steps, press the WPS button on your Home router.
  • If the WPS button not located on your home router, check whether the router supports WPS technology or not.
  • To know if your connection is successful, check a blue LED stops blinking and stays on.
  • Now please relocate your wn579g3 aerial ac1200 repeater to the proper spot to achieve maximum efficiency.

Wavlink AC1200 WL-WN579G3 SETUP with Web browser

Wavlink AC1200 setup can be done using the web browser. You can use any web browser to setup your Universal wi-fi repeater. Still, the company recommends Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which offers the best performance needed for the website.

  • Please connect your wl-wn579 aerial repeater to any standard electrical outlet.
  • Turn ‘ON’ both router and extender.
  • Check whether the Power LED is on which implies its getting power.
  • Toggle the switch to the repeater on your Extender.
  • Pick any device(computer/laptop/phone) and connect to the repeater default name.
  • Connect to the Extender WI-Fi Network name that begins with “Wireless N” for 2.4GHz and “Wireless AC” for 5GHz.
  • Open the stated browser and enter or to enter the Extender management online page.
  • Enter the page with default username and password ( Both username and password are “admin”)
  • Click the wizard option from the page and go for a repeater.
  • Pick the correct router you needed to connect with the extender, enter the password.
  • Please wait a few minutes to complete the setup.
  • You can use AC1200 WL-WN579G3 in any part of your home with good stability.


As we discussed above section, WN579G3 can be used in different modes such as Access Point Mode and Extender Mode. This time we can walk you through Wavlink AC-1200 Repeater Access Point setup. We can check how to setup your Access point for every device in all major Operating systems.

  • Plug your Aerial AC1200 repeater in a suitable electrical outlet.
  • This part helps you to achieve maximum coverage, reposition your external antennas.
  • Turn ‘ON’ the wn579g3 Extender to use your it as an access point.
  • Locate the sliding switching on it with the names of all the modes.
  • Slide the switch towards Access point.
  • Look for the LAN port switch on your Extender (For assistance you can look into the quick guide).
  • Insert your ethernet cable into this port from your router’s LAN port.
  • Open any web browser from the device you connected to Wav-link “wireless-N” or “Wireless AC” network name.
  • Open URL or to access the website for the management of your Extender.
  • Access the website via default username and password “admin”
  • Enter the wizard section to enter into Access point mode.
  • Create an SSID and password and wait a few minutes until the bar reaches full.
  • When reaches full, You can use your aerial ac1200 as an Access point.

How to update Wavlink AC1200 Firmare Update?

  • First of all, we need to check whether there is any update for it.
  • Open any web browser on the device connected to the ac1200.
  • Enter either URL or in the browser.
  • Go to the settings field.
  • Press Update option on the website and check online options now.
  • If the update appears, follow the prompts and install the ac1200 firmware update.
  • The file will be downloaded locally.
  • Extract the file and paste it.
  • Upload the update file from the browser.
  • Please wait a few seconds to start the Firmware update of your Aerial WL-WN579G3.

How to Reset Wavlink AC1200 WL-WN579G3?

We can reset the Wavlink repeater to begin from zero and erase all the errors that happened. There will be many problems such as a firmware problem or network problem. We can reset the ac1200 repeater and start from scratch again-

  • Pick any sharp object such as pin/pencil to insert into your reset hole on the ext.
  • Locate the Factory reset space on it.
  • Press the Factory reset button using a sharp object for around 10 seconds and release it after that.
  • You will see a blinking light while you are resetting the ac1200.
  • If restart begins, Extender is in now Factory reset.
  • Click here to download Wavlink WL-WN579G3 AC1200 Pdf Manual.