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Wavlink Ac1200 Smart Dual Band Router

The WAVLINK AC1200 Smart Dual Band Router is a smart Wi-Fi router that provides reliable and stable connectivity with large speeds and long-range coverage. It supports 5Ghz as well as 2.4ghz for supporting devices that are having older Wi-Fi certificates. Providing lower latency and consistent speeds, it is preferable for gaming and other heavier tasks. Read below for Wavlink Ac1200 dual band router setup and firmware update-

Patent Touch Technology:

It provides us with a special new-age technology that allows us to touch the router and make the passwords visible. Which allow our friends to use the guest network and many more features making it hassle-free.

Swift Speeds:

The 5Ghz band supports speed up to 867Mb/s while the 2.4Ghz band supports speeds up to 1200Mb/s. In fact overall lets you stream 4K HD videos on 5 devices simultaneously with ease.

Ethernet Ports:

Wavlink AC1200 has 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for insanely fast internet speeds via wired connection and to connect many more devices simultaneously.


This device also uses this technology to concentrate on the devices connected to it analyzing its distance from the router and strengthening its connection along with faster Wi-Fi speeds.

TURBO mode:

The ‘TURBO’ mode provides optimized Wi-Fi network speeds allowing streaming 4K videos, gaming, etc.

Wavlink Smart App:

The mobile app also available on both Android and iOS is a smart app that lets you manage and setup the router. It provides all the commands and features as you expect to do with the router directly by touching it also.

WAVLINK AC1200 Smart Dual Band Router Setup

  • First of all the installation process is pretty simple.
  • Here you need to connect the router to a power supply.
  • Now connect the ethernet cable provided in the box from router’s WAN to your ISP providing socket.
  • Switch on the router and let’s get to the setup process.
  • We can now see that the logo and the tiny buttons in the front glow ‘Blue’ in color once switched ‘ON’.
  • Connect one of your laptops, mobiles or iPads to the wireless network.
  • Importantly, open a browser and type in the address bar.
  • Being your first router bootup, it will ask for a ‘Default’ password. So, enter ‘admin’ into it.
  • The interface also gives you a pictorial representation of whether your router is connected to the internet supplied by your ISP or not.
  • Moreover, it also displays the number of connected devices, download and upload speeds.
  • Going to the ‘Internet’ panel, it displays the connection type. Wi-Fi name which will be blank and also the connection status. So, give your Wi-Fi a name as per your wish.
  • The ‘LAN’ option will contain all the default IP addresses designated to the router by your ISP.
  • Now also comes the ‘Wireless’ Option where you will give the Wi-Fi names to your 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz Wi-Fi networks and a unique password to them respectively.
  • Lastly, in the ‘Bandwidth Control’ option, you can limit the download and upload speeds of the devices connected to your router. Thereby allowing you to gain an upper hand with the speed provided.

WAVLINK AC1200 Router Firmware

  • You can also install a new firmware by inserting a pen drive containing the software into the port in the router. Once connected go to the ‘Mobile Storage’ option to install the firmware.
  • Visit to download the firmware and drivers for the router.
  • Adding other plug-ins by using the ‘Mobile Storage’ option is also available.
  • Automatically search for new firmware update directly in the ‘Administration’ option directly. It has ‘Reboot’ and ‘Factory Reset’ options too.