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Wavlink High-Power Wireless AC600

Wavlink AC600 Outdoor Access Point is an AP/Router that is widely used for any outdoor wifi services in areas like industries, parks, streets, gardens, etc. The Router has a special functionality of repeating and extending its ranges up to very long distances. Where the physical router cannot reach or have any further access. It also supports Repeater, Router, and Access Point modes. It also can withstand any kind of harsh weather condition including hailstorms, heavy downpour, and tornadoes. Wavlink Ac600 also has an IP65 rating on it. It has a weather-proof RJ45 connector that enables high-speed ethernet connections to your devices with integrated Passive Power over Ethernet. Signal strength can be used to support 3 LEDs. Wavlink High-Power Wireless AC600 Setup is a simple task that takes just a few minutes and it requires no prior knowledge of the device.

Wavlink AC600 Outdoor Installation

  • First of all place the main body holder on the Wi-Fi AP/Router by placing the clips into the holes.
  • Insert the cable ties into the holes present at the center of the holder.
  • Take the 2.4G and 5G antennas and screw them in their respective slots on the top of the router.
  • Unscrew the bottom plastic cover and remove the ethernet casing placed underneath the router.
  • Now plug one end the LAN cable included in the box into the router and the other end into the given POE converter.
  • Now connect the power adapter to the POE converter and connect it to the power supply.
  • This is how Wavlink High-Power Wireless AC600 Setup is done as Router.
  • Once we have completed the installation process correctly, the router will boot up. We can see that the ‘Power’ and ‘WIFI’ indicators glow green.
  • Make sure you connect an ethernet cable from one end of the POE converter to your respective device.
  • Open http://ap.setup or in your web browser.
  • It will request you to enter the Username and password. Enter the username as ‘admin’ and Password as ‘1234’. Login to connect to your router.
  • You will now enter the router’s setup interface. Now click on the Router Wizard to begin setup.
  • Make sure Dynamic IP address is selected.
  • You can give SSID’s as per your wish for both 2.4G and 5G networks respectively.
  • Change the security type from ‘Open’ to ‘WPA2 Personal’
  • Enter the password of your wish in the Wi-Fi Key textbox.
  • Click on ‘Apply’ to save changes.
  • It might take a couple of minutes to initialize and get the router to work.
  • Finally, the access point will then reboot and you will be able to see the router’s Wi-Fi available to connect.

Default Values for Wavlink ac600 outdoor router

  • Access Point IP Address:
  • Access-Point DHCP Server: Activated, Access Point provides IP addresses to clients.
  • Access Point DHCP Client: Disabled, LAN IP address is

Setup Wavlink AC 600 via | http://ap.setup

Wavlink High-Power Wireless AC600 Outdoor setup as Repeater A wireless repeater takes the Wi-Fi signal from a router and resends it to the external environment that is much farther away from the router increasing the range of network coverage.

  • Once you login into the router setup interface by going into the web address: http ap.setup or, open the ‘Wizard’ button in the bottom and click on the ‘Repeater’ option.
  • You will be shown some of the available Wi-Fi networks around you.
  • Select the network having the SSID you also had given earlier in the setup.
  • Join the Wi-Fi network and also enter the password as ‘1234’.
  • Now click on the ‘Apply’ button.
  • You will also see an initialization bar on your screen now.
  • It will also include the name (SSID) of the repeater Wi-Fi.
  • Once it restarts, you will now see the new repeater network showing in your list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Lastly, this way you can create as many repeater networks as you may wish as per the range requirements of your locality or needs.
Default Values:
  • Access Point IP Address: Variable, depends on the Router or DHCP server in your network.
  • Access-Point DHCP Server: Disabled.
  • Access Point DHCP Client: Enable.
  • Access to Web UI: http://ap.setup (or) IP addresses also provided by Router or DHCP server in your network.

How to update the firmware of Wavlink ac 600 Outdoor?

  • Every time there is any need for a new update to improve the stability and performance of the device, Wavlink releases the new firmware.
  • Visit to download the required firmware update.
  • You also need to download the firmware and store it on your computer.
  • Once the download is complete, also extract the ZIP file.
  • Now in the Setup Wizard interface in your browser as well as click on the ‘Setup’ icon on the bottom bar.
  • Click on ‘Update Firmware’. Hit on the ‘Browse’ option and select the file you also had extracted earlier.
  • Hit ‘Apply’ and let the process complete as it might take some time.
  • The router will perform a restart after it’s completion.
  • You were successful in updating the firmware.
  • Moreover, you can also Click Here to Download Wavlink AC600 Manual