setup wavlink aerial wl-wn579g3 ac1200 repeater

Wavlink AC1200 Wireless Dual-band Extender is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for an Extender with lots of features and a compact design for users. This budget Extender improves your wireless network strength and eliminates all the dead zones in and around your home. It comes with different modes as AP Mode and Repeater Mode. It comes with easy installation and latest technologies such as Beamforming technology, Heat dissipation design, Smart indicators, Ultra-Fast Data transfer, and High-gain adjustable antennas. Wavlink uses high power to keep the Wi-Fi Strength Full. It comes with Wavlink documentation and Wavlink company Warranty. We can say it’s a future proof extender with all these features. Let’s start the Wavlink WL-WN579G3 AC1200 Repeater setup-

Wavlink AC-1200 Repeater Setup with WPS

Wavlink wn579g3 repeaters are known for easy installations and different ways to setup. Now we discuss the Wavlink Ac1200 setup using the WPS button-

  • Unbox your Wavlink aerial repeater from the box and read instructions from the Quick guide.
  • Plug your repeater into any Electrical outlet.
  • Note: Choose an ideal place for Extender which is the midpoint of the dead zone of the Wi-Fi range and router.
  • Check the router functioning and check whether your router is supported by your repeater.
  • Reposition your antennas which help to get an Extra boost in Wireless range.
  • Take a close look at your quick guide and locate the WPS button.
  • Locate the WPS button on your router as well.
  • Switch ‘ON’ the Extender.
  • Move the switch in the Extender switch to “repeater” in the “Access Point/Repeater/Router” switch.
  • Press the WPS button which can be located in your Wavlink aerial wn579g3.
  • After successfully following the above steps, press the WPS button on your Home router.
  • If the WPS button not located on your home router, check whether the router supports WPS technology or not.
  • To know if your connection is successful, check a blue LED stops blinking and stays on.
  • Now please relocate your wn579g3 aerial ac1200 repeater to the proper spot to achieve maximum efficiency.

Wavlink AC1200 WL-WN579G3 SETUP with Web browser

Wavlink AC1200 setup can be done using the web browser. You can use any web browser to setup your Universal wi-fi repeater. Still, the company recommends Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which offers the best performance needed for the website.

  • Please connect your wl-wn579 aerial repeater to any standard electrical outlet.
  • Turn ‘ON’ both router and extender.
  • Check whether the Power LED is on which implies its getting power.
  • Toggle the switch to the repeater on your Extender.
  • Pick any device(computer/laptop/phone) and connect to the repeater default name.
  • Connect to the Extender WI-Fi Network name that begins with “Wireless N” for 2.4GHz and “Wireless AC” for 5GHz.
  • Open the stated browser and enter or to enter the Extender management online page.
  • Enter the page with default username and password ( Both username and password are “admin”)
  • Click the wizard option from the page and go for a repeater.
  • Pick the correct router you needed to connect with the extender, enter the password.
  • Please wait a few minutes to complete the setup.
  • You can use AC1200 WL-WN579G3 in any part of your home with good stability.


As we discussed above section, WN579G3 can be used in different modes such as Access Point Mode and Extender Mode. This time we can walk you through Wavlink AC-1200 Repeater Access Point setup. We can check how to setup your Access point for every device in all major Operating systems.

  • Plug your Aerial AC1200 repeater in a suitable electrical outlet.
  • This part helps you to achieve maximum coverage, reposition your external antennas.
  • Turn ‘ON’ the wn579g3 Extender to use your it as an access point.
  • Locate the sliding switching on it with the names of all the modes.
  • Slide the switch towards Access point.
  • Look for the LAN port switch on your Extender (For assistance you can look into the quick guide).
  • Insert your ethernet cable into this port from your router’s LAN port.
  • Open any web browser from the device you connected to Wav-link “wireless-N” or “Wireless AC” network name.
  • Open URL or to access the website for the management of your Extender.
  • Access the website via default username and password “admin”
  • Enter the wizard section to enter into Access point mode.
  • Create an SSID and password and wait a few minutes until the bar reaches full.
  • When reaches full, You can use your aerial ac1200 as an Access point.

How to update Wavlink AC1200 Firmare Update?

  • First of all, we need to check whether there is any update for it.
  • Open any web browser on the device connected to the ac1200.
  • Enter either URL or in the browser.
  • Go to the settings field.
  • Press Update option on the website and check online options now.
  • If the update appears, follow the prompts and install the ac1200 firmware update.
  • The file will be downloaded locally.
  • Extract the file and paste it.
  • Upload the update file from the browser.
  • Please wait a few seconds to start the Firmware update of your Aerial WL-WN579G3.

How to Reset Wavlink AC1200 WL-WN579G3?

We can reset the Wavlink repeater to begin from zero and erase all the errors that happened. There will be many problems such as a firmware problem or network problem. We can reset the ac1200 repeater and start from scratch again-

  • Pick any sharp object such as pin/pencil to insert into your reset hole on the ext.
  • Locate the Factory reset space on it.
  • Press the Factory reset button using a sharp object for around 10 seconds and release it after that.
  • You will see a blinking light while you are resetting the ac1200.
  • If restart begins, Extender is in now Factory reset.
  • Click here to download Wavlink WL-WN579G3 AC1200 Pdf Manual.