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How to Reset Any Wi-Fi Range Extender/Repeater/Booster?

Now first and foremost you all need to understand Wi-fi extenders, repeaters, boosters, signal boosters, internet boosters, etc are all the same. So the process to factory reset them is also the same. So, irrespective of which companies extender you are using, be it Netgear, Linksys, Tp-Link, or a Chinese manufactured brand they all can be reseted using the below given steps. So, let’s learn how to reset Wi-Fi extenders.

To start with make sure you have plugged in your extender/repeater into an electrical outlet. Next, wait for at least 120 seconds until the device reboots and the power LED on it gets stable. Once you have done that then look at your extender and check if you have a reset hole, a reset button or wps/reset button on your repeater. Depending on this, we will follow the right extender reset process accordingly.

Resetting Wi-Fi Extender In Just 10 Seconds

Extenders with reset hole

So, if your extender/repeater/booster has a reset hole then you will simply need to grab a paper clip or pin first. Next, you will need to put it inside the reset hole of the extender for around 10-15 seconds. Then release it after 15 seconds and let the extender reboot. After successful reset you will be able to see your extender again in your Wi-Fi list with its factory default name. You can then start its setup process.

Repeaters with reset button

Suppose you have a reset button instead of a hole then simply using your thumb press that button for around 10-15 seconds. Now, while you are doing this as said earlier the extender should be plugged into the wall. After 15 seconds you can release the button. After 120 seconds you can check the Wi-Fi list for your extender. If it shows its factory default name then the reset was successful or not then try it again.

Extender with reset/wps button

Now some extenders provide both wps and reset functionality on the same button. So, if you are not able to find a reset hole or a reset button on the extender then it is very likely possible that your wps button is going to act as reset button too. So, simply press the wps/reset button for around 15 seconds. While you do so the extender/repeater should be plugged into a wall outlet. 

 After 15 seconds release the button and then wait for another 120 seconds. Then on your phone or computer check into the Wi-Fi list if you see the new extender network name. Your extender will come up with its factory default name and it varies from brand to brand. 

For example Netgear will come up as “Netgear_Ext”, Linksys will come up as “Linksys Extender Setup”, Tp-link as “Tp-Link-XXXX”. If you are not able to find the extender from the list of networks then the one which is without password is your extender. So, it will be an open network in most cases. And will possibly have “Wifi extender”, “Wifi repeater”, “2.4GHz”, etc suffix or prefix. 

So, this is how you can reset your Wi-Fi extender in just 10 seconds. After this you continue with their setup. Check out the list of articles below which mentions setup instructions for most extenders.

Extender Setup Instructions

Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6

Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6

The Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6 range extender provides blazing high wifi speed with a greater network and technology. It enables four times higher networking speed so that you get the ultra-fast speed and the Gigabit wireless ports that make this extender ideal for streaming and gaming. Moreover, the range extender comes with MU-MIMO technology that can simply deliver high network access to all the connected devices at the same time. Its higher efficiency allows the extender to connect to 30+ devices with a ten times faster speed than any standard Ethernet port. Therefore, its powerful and smart 3.0 USB ports allow sharing the storage space with wireless printers and other files of your network.

However, the Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6 extender comes with Beamforming technology that provides unbeatable wireless coverage with the help of its four high gain antennas. Its high-range antennas simply boost the signal and access every corner of your house. Well, the wifi 6 range extender can attain coverage of 2500 square feet of area and ensure that you and your family receive the best wifi signal ever.

Astonishing Features of the Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6 extender

As you know, the Rockspace wifi 6 extender is a dual-band extender and enables a large capacity of storage with a fast accessing internet signal range. Also, you can compare it with the previous generations of technology and will find that it is the most effective extender that deals with the response and access to many devices. However, it requires high-speed transmission for 4K video and large-scale video gaming. Here are the most effective features that prove the working capacity of the extender.

  • The Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6 range extender supports ultra-fast wifi 6 technology that offers AX1800 of Gigabit speed and covers 1600 square feet of area without interrupting your entertainment zone. It is ideal for video streaming and web conferencing.
  • It provides a larger capacity of support with the MU-MIMO extender that improves the network utilization rate and simultaneously solves the problem of communication with 30+ wireless connected devices.
  • With the setup of the wifi 6 range extender, you get longer whole home wifi coverage. Also, it is furnished with dual 5dBi high range antennas that seamlessly cover long distances and a dual-core strong and powerful processor that is reliable for boosting the internet speed and moving anywhere around in your house without losing the connection.
  • Well, it is universally compatible with both wifi 5 and wifi 6 enabled devices. Just plug the Ethernet cable into the game consoles, repeaters, or routers and turn this extender into the access point.
  • Simply, the Rockspace wifi range extender is furnished with two WPS buttons. One is for 2.4 GHz and the other is for 5 GHz networking bands. You can choose any of the networking bands to extend the existing WLAN network to meet your personal requirements.

Therefore, these are the Rockspace AX1800 specs or features. By reading these features you get more familiar with the Rockspace extender.

Rockspace AX1800 WiFi6 Extender Setup

When you are setting up the Rockspace AX1800 extender for the first time, then you have to take care of every step that you will read in this article. Also, you need to make sure that you will not skip any step because it may fail you to access the network connection with the Rockspace wifi 6 extender. If you are trained in extender settings then you can skip these steps. Basically, it all starts with the Rockspace AX1800 installation.

Proceed with the PPPoE password and the username from the or the Genuine Rockspace AX1800 wifi 6 repeater
  • First of all, power on the button on the actual wifi range extender and then other wireless devices.
  • Hereafter connect the AX800 WiFi 6 range extender to the LAN port of the new wireless device to the WAN port of the WiFi6 extender via an Ethernet cable.
  • When you see the LED indicators of the LAN or WAN port turn solid after blinking for three seconds then process the PPPoE username and the password to the new wifi range extender.
  • Now you can unplug the wire of the WiFi6 range extender.
Make a connection of the New WiFi range extender to the internet.
  • Prominently. Power on the button of the new range extender.
  • Therefore, connect the LAN port into the modem and the WAN port into the new wifi range extender by using an Ethernet cable and the LED indicator of the WAN lights on.

This is the first method in which you make a connection of the AX1800 WiFi 6 extender with the new wifi range extender device.

Connect wifi enabled devices to the new wifi range extender

This is the second method in which you use the wifi-enabled devices such as a mobile device to the new wifi range extender by using the WiFi network name that is labeled on the bottom of the wifi range extender. As there is no wifi password set by default. The one more thing you can do to connect the device to the new range extender is to use a wired connection setup. In which the Rockspace AX1800 WiFi6 repeater connects the wired device to the LAN port of the wifi extender via an Ethernet cable. When the LED indicator lights up, the connection is successfully established.

Rockspace AX1800 WiFi6 repeater Setup for better internet access

This is the third method in which you will establish internet access with a wifi range extender. Let’s go through with these steps.

  • First of all, enter the IP address of the Rockspace AX1800 wifi range extender into the location bar and press ‘start’ to proceed to the start page.
  • Now you have to enter the username (admin) and password (admin) into the password field to log into the web user interface.
  • Therefore, set up the time zone and the region and then tap on the ‘next button.
  • Hereafter, choose the connection type in which you have to choose from PPPoE, Dynamic IP Address, and Static IP Address.
  • Hence the wifi range extender detects the connection type automatically. You simply need to set the parameters and tap ‘next’.
  • Now you have to customize the settings of the wifi password and the SSID network name. If you want to hide the SSID then hide and then click on the Next button.
  • Hereafter, confirm the settings of the wifi network name and the password and then click next.
  • From there you can customize more functions. For that, you need to log into the web user management page again with the default IP address. Now you can customize the functions that you need on the page

Therefore these are the different methods to complete the procedure of the Rockspace AX1800 setup. To access the settings of the Rockspace AC1800 page, you need to walk through with the extender and the repeater setup.\

Rockspace AX1800 WiFi6 Troubleshooting Tips

For the Rockspace AX1800 WiFi 6 extender users who face some issues with the device or due to some technical issue, they failed to access the internet connection. So for those users, who are eagerly waiting for a wizard who helps you in solving the problem then you are reading the right article. Let’s get started without wasting time.

Why is Rockspace AX1800 not working accurately?

Try these steps to resolve your query.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that the LED power light of the AX1800 WiFi 6 extender is on.
  • Hereafter, push the Rockspace AX1800 reset button with the help of any sharp object.
  • Use a paper pin, nail, or your thumb to push the button for more than six seconds.
  • When you see the power LED turning solid then it means the AX1800 extender has been restored to the settings into default mode.
Why is Rockspace AX1800 not turning on?

The best way to deal with the problem is to check from the indication of the LED lights that exactly tell what’s the error with the device.

  • You can start from the power button, if it is off then push the on or off button of the AX1800 WiFi 6 extender.
  • When the LED light starts flashing red or orange, then the device is having a poor or weak internet connection. In that case, move your range extender closer to the modem device.
  • In case the client device is blinking red or orange LEDs than in that case. Move the client device to the AX1800 extender.
Why is Rockspace AX1800 not charging?

To charge the Rockspace AX1800 extender, you need to make sure that the power supply is properly supplying the electricity or working properly. Also, verify that the wall socket you are going to use to connect the extender is not damaged. Therefore, open the extender settings and then check the settings. Moreover, you can take technical help or get a new charger to charge your extender. Maybe the problem is with the charger.

What are the steps for the Rockspace AX1800 firmware update?

For the Rockspace AX1800 firmware download the update by walking through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open the preferred safe and secure internet browser on your client’s device.
  • Enter re.rockspace.local into the address bar and press enter.
  • Now you are on the Rockspace AX1800 login page where you have to provide the username and the password details to get into the settings of the device.
  • After the login, the setup page opens, in which you need to click on the administration settings.
  • Under the administration option, you get the firmware update option for the AX1800 extender.
  • Hereafter, locate the file to get the latest firmware update of the Rockspace AX1800 WiFi6 extender into your client device.
  • Hence, tap on the install and it will take 3-4 minutes to upgrade the firmware of the AX1800 range extender.

However, if you face any issue other than these problems then refer to the Rockspace AX1800 manual.

Rockspace AX1800 review

The Rockspace AX1800 WiFi6 Repeater is the best for covering longer or wider areas. As it is equipped with 5dBi high gain antennas and I am surprised with its fast wifi speed. I live in an in-building where the internet service can’t reach, so I did the trick to use the Rockspace extender for my home connection. Also, it is installed in the outermost part of my home wall near the building. The setup of the extender is a five-finger exercise and it allows extending the internet service with two major methods. In case, if you get stuck at many installation steps then you can read the Rockspace AX1800 instruction manual. I would like to recommend to all those people who are looking for the best wifi range extender to cover the wider areas smoothly.

Setek Extender Setup

how to setup setek wifi range extender

SETEK Extender Description

SETEK Extender Setup is super easy and provides an ultra-fast connection in your homes, offices or business places. It tremendously increases the Internet speed in your dead zones. You just need to press and hold WPS on your configured/working router and repeat the same process on your SETEK ultra wifi range extender. This SETEK extender is equipped with 4 high-speed antennas which makes sure you get 300mbps of speed to seamlessly surf the Internet. Now you can easily connect your smart tv, gaming console, firestick etc with an ethernet cable to this SETEK ultra extender. It is designed to fit any interior and connect with any device you have like windows, Mac, iOS, android, security camera, Roku, etc.

Setup SETEK Wifi Extender Setup via WPS

  1. Plug your Extender in the same room as your router, this will help for faster connection through WPS.
  2. Wait until you have a solid green light on the extender.
  3. Now press and hold the WPS on the setek extender for around 2 seconds, repeat the same procedure on your router.
  4. Now you will see blinking WPS light both on your extender and router. It hardly takes 10-15 seconds for extender to get connected with the router.
  5. Once connected the WPS light on the setek ultra wifi range extender will turn to solid green.
  6. You can now unplug your extender and place it at the location where you need Internet Connectivity.

NOTE:- Place the Extender within the reach of the router.

  1. For better connectivity place setek away from big appliances like Ac, microwave ovens, etc.

How to Setup Setek WiFi Range Extender via

  1. You can plug extender near or even away from the router while doing web-based setup through
  2. Once you have a solid green light on the power you can go ahead for the Setup.
  3. Grab any of your wireless device like i-phone, Mac, laptop etc any open settings and go to WiFi settings.
  4. In your WiFi list, you will find your Setek Wireless Network showing up as “WIRELESS N” Network92
  5. Hit the and get connect to WIRELESS N, it will show as open/unsecured network.
  6. After this open a browser on the same device and in the address bar type which will take you to setek extender setup.
    NOTE:- If doesn’t work try resetting the extender or change the browser or else try using different cellphone or computer.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and then it will scan the networks.
  8. It will show you all the available networks, you will have to select the main WiFi Network that you want to extend.
  9. Type in the password for the network that you have selected.
  10. Once Setek extender setup is complete the WiFi light on the extender will turn solid green.
  11. Now you can unplug it and place it within the reach of your router.
  12. It takes around 60 seconds for the extender to boot up properly.
  13. For better Internet connectivity place the extender away from big appliances like microwave etc.

ap setup


WAVLINK AC1200 High Power Dual Band WiFi Range Extender setup using ap.setup
The speed provided is incomparable with other Wifi Boosters with 5GHz 900Mbps and 2.4GHz 300Mbps.

Beamforming Technology– Remain always connected to your Internet with the help of latest beamforming technology. It works by providing bandwidth to your appliances even when you move around.

The different mode in just one device– Router Mode for the time when you want to use it as a router. Repeater Mode when you want it to wirelessly extend the signals for you. AP Mode works as a hotspot when connected with an ethernet cord to your router.

Installation within 10 seconds– Push WPS and the extender will configure with your router.

Wavlink AC1200 Setup via browser

  • Firstly, Plugin your device right next to the router and wait till the power LED gets stable.
  • Now you need to switch the button on the left side of your repeater to the repeater mode.
  • Wait till the lights get stable.
  • Grab any of your devices like computer or laptop and look for wavlink wifi network in the WiFi list. It will come up Wireless-N or Wireless
  • After connecting to the network open a browser and in the URL type or or ap.setup.
  • When asked for a login password type in admin on the setup page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and setup your wavlink ac1200 repeater.