opticover new extender setup

As its name suggests Opticover extender is a Wi-Fi range and speed enhancer device comes up with impressive results. This device can be used wirelessly or with wire depends upon the user entirely. This tiny device can resolve any Wi-Fi problems without leaving any dead ends. It comes with Repeater mode/Access Point/Router. This small device supports speed upto 1200mbps which is something unimaginable. It gives you secured encryption hence provide a safe network for your data. The design of wall plugin Opticover wifi extender is very compatible and fits perfectly with wall decor. The external antenna ensures to provide a strong and stable network throughout. Like other extenders, it is also very easy to setup opticover extender and takes very little time to make it work.
So here are steps to setup this device-

Opticover Extender Setup Via WPS

  • Connect the Extender to power outlet next to the router and turn on the switch present on the extender. Make sure the opticover repeater should be on Repeater mode.
  • Press the WPS button of the router for few seconds till the light starts blinking.
  • Hold the WPS button on the Extender for about 6 seconds and release it when the light starts flashing.
  • When the blinking/flashing lights turns stable and solid it means the Extender is connected to the router and ready to use.
    Now you can relocate the Extender within the range of the network to remove dead zones. Select the network with _EXT and your router password to access it.

Opticover Extender Setup Via Web Browser

  • Plugin the Extender to electric supply and turn on the extender. Make sure to put it on Repeater mode and in the vicinity to the router.
  • Open Wi-Fi list on your phone or computer. Connect to default “WIRELESS-N” open network.
  • Open the browser on the connected device and enter ap.setup or in the address bar.
  • On the next page Create a new password for further login and click on Start.
  • Select the router’s network and enter a password ( not the same password you just created) and then click Next.
  • Create a new SSID if you want to or keep it default. Click Next.
  • Now verify your given details and click Save. Now make sure LED should turn on solid and stable. This ensures your successful setup.

Opticover Extender confiuration As Access Point

  • Plugin your extender to the electric supply outlet and make sure it is connected properly and extender is On.
  • Slide the switch and turn on to Access Point and now plug in the Ethernet cable of the router to the LAN port of the opticover to connect both router and extender with each other.
  • Now connect to extenders default Wi-Fi network “WIRELESS-N” in Phone/PC Wi-Fi list.
  • Open browser in the connected device and type “ap.setup and” in the address bar and press Enter.
  • A page will open asking to create a password for future Login.
  • On the next window, Opticover Extender setup page will open Select Wizard -> Select Access Point.
  • Type old SSID, security type and a password
  • Now, wait for the progress bar to reach fully to update changes and reboot device.
  • After reconfiguring and rebooting Opticover Extender is now ready to work as Access Point. LED turns solid and stable. Open your Wi-Fi list connect your devices to the network entering the old password and now you can access high-speed internet with a stable connection.


I am unable to access opticover extender’s web management page. What should I do?

  • If you connected your computer wirelessly, make sure that you have correctly connected to the extender’s SSID.
  • Or else if you connected your computer via an Ethernet cable, please make sure that the cable is in the right position and connected properly.
  • Verify that “http://192.168.188. 1” is correctly entered in the address bar without any error and press Enter.
  • If the problem still exists then Reset the extender and try again.

Why doesn’t the LED light-up On opti cover after I completed the process?

  • While configuring it might be possible that you have entered an incorrect Wi-Fi password of your host Wi-Fi network.
  • Please Log in to the extender’s web management page to check the password and try again.
  • Make sure that the extender should be in the range of the router. Please place the extender in the vicinity to the router.

How do I Reset my opti-cover Extender?

  • Power On the extender, Use a sharp-pointed pin to press and hold the Reset button present on the extender until all LED turns on & off momentarily and then release the button.