victony wa305 new extender setup

Are you facing problems in connecting your wifi network to your mobile devices? Are you getting a slow network speed even after using a wifi network? Do you want to enjoy a seamless and high-speed network in your home without compromising with the dead zones of your house? If your answer is yes for any of the questions above, then bring out the Victony Wa305 wifi extender to your home. It is a complete solution for all your network and connectivity issues. The Victony Wa305 is a wifi range extender that increases the range of your wifi demolishing all the dead zones of your house. Here we will learn about VICTONY WA305 Setup

Victony Wa305 Features

  • Victony Wa 305 provides some stunning features to its users that helps them to enjoy seamless data surfing over the wifi network.
  • The Victony Wa305 performs multiple functions to reduce the quantity of the appliances.
  • It performs as a Wifi range extender to repeat, extend the coverage of the wifi network.
  • Can be set up as a wireless access point that converts a wired network to a wireless network.
  • It also performs as a Wireless router that creates a private ac wireless network instantly.
  • With the transmission rate of 300mbps, the Victony Wa305 extender enables you a comfortable net surfing, video chatting, and much more.
  • With two external antennas attached to the extender, you can easily enjoy web surfing anywhere in your house or office.

The Victony Wa305 Setup

Setting up the Victony Wa305 wifi extender means connecting a complete wifi solution for your home. There are various ways following which you can set up the Victony Wa305 to demolish all the dead zones of your house. The victony quick setup means setting up the Wifi extender in just a few steps. Plug the range extender into an electrical outlet near the host wifi router. Turn on the power Led and wait until it turns solid

Victony Wa305 setup via web browser

  1. Connecting the computer to the extender’s network:
    For windows,
  • If an ethernet cable is connected to the computer, unplug it
  • Open the taskbar and click on the wifi icon to connect it to the extender’s wireless network
    Note: The extender’s wifi network name will be either Victony_Extender_2.4GHz or Victony _Extender_5GHz.
  • For Macintosh computers,
  • If an ethernet cable is connected to the mac os computer, unplug it
  • In the top corner(right) of the screen, click on the wifi icon to connect it to the extender’s wifi network
    Note: The extender’s wifi network name will be either Victony_Extender_2.4GHz or Victony_Extender_5GHz.

Using the quick setup wizard to connect to the extender’s network

  • Open a web browser in your selected computer or device
  • Enter http://ap.setup or in the address field
  • The default username and password is ‘admin’.(Username and password are case sensitive)
  • For secure management purposes, you can also create a new username and password
  • Click on confirm
  • Select the SSID(Network name) of your 2.4GHz host router
  • Enter the router’s password(Not the password that is created by you for management)
  • Click on next
  • Select the SSID(Network name) of your 5 GHz host router
  • Enter the router’s password(Not the password you created)
  • Click on next
    You can either use the default SSIDs or change it for the extended network
  • Click on next
  • Check the wireless settings and save it
  • The LEDs should be turned on
    And that’s it. Just sit back wherever you want to in your house and enjoy the seamless and smooth wifi net surfing.

Victony Wa305 wifi extender setup via WPS button

Every host router and extender have the WPS button attached to them.

  • On your host router, press the WPS button for about 2 secs
  • Similarly, press the WPS button on your extender for about 2 secs
  • The signal LED will turn solid blue after some time that indicates that the connection via the WPS button is successful.
  • And that’s all, ‘Enjoy the smooth and strong wifi net surfing from any place of your house eliminating all the dead zones.

Victony Wa305 wifi extender firmware update

Updating the firmware means upgrading the extender which ensures better performance of the extender. You can update the extender’s firmware by following the simple steps given below:

  • Open the official website of the company and download the latest firmware file
  • Visit the website ap.setup and enter the username and password that you have set for the extender
  • Open Settings and go to system tools
  • Click on Firmware upgrade
  • Browse the downloaded firmware file and click on upgrade
  • Reboot the extender after the upgrade
    Great, your extender’s firmware has been successfully upgraded.

The Victony Wa305 user manual

The user manual of the Victony Wa305 contains various important information and tips for the users.
It contains many important topics like:

  • The device overview: A short brief of the device it came with.
  • Device setup: It contains steps and tips to set up the device.
  • Network customization: It helps you to configure the network settings of the device.