VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Setup, troubleshooting, & review

The VANIN EC4-1200 range extender comes with advanced technology that eliminates or vanishes all dead zones of your home. It is mainly used for extending the network coverage of the existing router up to 1500 square feet and surged its network in approximately 20 devices. This extender is very unique because it works in multi-mode (AP/Repeater/Router mode) functions basically for providing the better service to HD 4K streaming, play lag-free gaming, video chats, or conferencing, or transferring the files.

The VANIN wifi extender also provides the network connection through the 2 Gigabit Port and using the MU-MIMO Technology. Its Gigabit Ethernet ports usually make a stable and fast connection between your wireless devices. The VANIN ec4-1200 wifi booster universally is very compatible with up to 99% of access points, any standard routers, modems, or gateways. Ordinally, this wifi range extender works with 2.4GHz and 5GHz band Internet service providers. It performs well with almost any wireless networking router and access point.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Installation

Without installing any networking devices, you can not use its services and network. So, firstly install it and solve the “How to connect vanin WiFi Extender” problem by following the below steps.

  • By choosing an optical and ventilating location for your Vanin wireless range extender, place it there.
  • Verify that the Vanin wifi extender location is not too far away from the existing access point or wireless router.
  • Similarly, you can also find a better location to keep it through its smart signal indicator.
  • So, choose the place accordingly or the other option to choose a better location from all this is the VANIN ec4-1200 manual instructions.
  • Choose location accordingly and keep it perfectly there and as well as plug the VANIN extender into the electric power socket.
  • Now, join the existing router network to expand it.
  • To join the network, use an Ethernet cable or you can also use the WPS button.
  • Then, pressing the one-touch joins the existing router network.
  • So, finally, the LED light will flash automatically after properly joining the network.

Thus, the VANIN EC4-1200 wifi extender Installation is complete in normalcy without struggling with its configuration process.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Login

Some Vanin wifi extender instructions give in below with explained instructions to activate the account of your vanin wifi extender ec4-1200 login.

  • Using its smart 2 Gigabit Ethernet cable port connects it with your Ethernet port using the device.
  • You also have another option to join the network of extenders that is a wireless connection. So, to use it go into your system WiFi list menu and find your VAnin extender name and by putting the VANIN wifi extender password, join the network.
  • Now, your Pc successfully connects with the internet, then to the VANIN extender login, and goes into the web interface.
  • Type the VANIN wifi default IP address or in the address field of the web interface.
  • Wait, the login activating credentials box is open now on the PC screen.
  • Fill in this, the VANIN Extender default password or username.
  • Finally, click on the below side given on your PC “login” option which is displayed on the screen.

Altogether, the VANIN extender login steps are completed in a like manner.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Manual

The VANIN WiFi Extender Manual has come with some important and with product description. That normally provides the basic vanin wifi extender ec4-1200 instructions. The product designer describes in the manual every part of basic instructions also included in the packaging box accessories parts will be described with a full explanation. It has also given your basic questions answers such as how to set up a vanin wifi extender? How to connect a vanin WiFi Extender? How to log in to the VANIN extender? Or more basic queries of yours. Gṣet your all types of queries through the Juplink extender manual and if anytime you can not understand its given instructions and its answers then don’t worry about it just follow the given instructions to solve your VANIN range extender various problems.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender Setup

There are some instructions to solve your “how to set up the vanin wifi extender” issue. These are given below.

  • Go into the setting menu directly, after completing the VANIN range extender login process.
  • Through the settings menu, you have to change the extenders’ various settings like Advance settings, administrative settings, wireless settings, etc.
  • So, click on the setting which you want to change under its settings menu.
  • Now, change the Vanin wifi range extender setting like convert teh 2.4GHz band network to the 5GHz band network to get the fastest network.
  • After that, apply all the changes into the Vanin wifi extender ec4-1200, just tap on the “save option”.

Thus, the Vanin ec4-1200 setup process is finishing up now. So, these are some steps for the Juplink wifi extender setup.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender troubleshooting

Many times, the ec4-1200 wifi extender shows and causes various problems when it is working and throws the internet. So, to solve its problem follow the given steps.

  • The Vanin wifi extender is not working sometimes, because it is not attached to the electric power properly and does not access the main hub’s existing router network connection. So, before using it, also check again its wiring connection and then start it.
  • If the Vanin wifi extender is not connecting to the internet, it means it is not able to connect to the network connection. So, firstly connect its network connection properly and start its power again and connect the network to check if it’s working now or not.
  • Moreover, the Vanin wifi extender keeps disconnecting, because it is not placed according to the manual. So, change the location of it and then start accessing the network connection.
  • Apart from this, if the Vanin WiFi extender is not connecting to the router, then you have to reboot it and then start its power again within twenty seconds.
  • If your router is outdated then it causes the Vianin Wifi extender not to show up. So, update the Vanin range extender firmware with the latest version.

So, these are some various fixing and Vanin range extender troubleshooting steps.

VANIN EC4-1200 Range Extender review

For the first time, I have bought a new range extender to exceed the network range in the whole home up to 1500 square feet areas. This is the Vanin range extender EC4-1200, which is easily compatible with my oldest router and easily connects up to twenty or more devices to my existing router or access point WiFi. Before using it, I read the manual instructions carefully and when I started working on it. It is really simple, installed without struggle, and does not take much time. So, finally, I am happy using it and I have used this VAnin range extender for a long time. I gei=ve the Vanin range extender reviews to many people.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to update the VANIN wireless extender firmware?

There is a way to update the Vanin range extender firmware by going into the web interface. You directly go to the extender setting menu and update your device accordingly.

Q2. How to do the VANIN wifi range extender reset?

Your Vanin range extender comes with a reset button, it is located in the base station of the extender, so by pressing it, you can reset it.

Q3. How to use the Vanin range extender gigabit ports network easily?

You have to connect its network only with an ethernet cable using devices like laptops, PC, or printers. So, connect its Ethernet cable with the port and enjoy the VAnin range extender network.

Q4. What should I do to exceed the Vanin extender network coverage?

Nothing to do, just you can place it in a ventilated, airy, cool, and optical location in your home. Also, keep it closer to the router.

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