how to setup the wavlink wifi extender via the wps button

WPS method is the easiest way to setup the wavlink wifi extender with any device which supports Wi-fi Protected Setup. WPS button is available physically on the router and also on the Setting page of the Router. Follow the steps below to connect your Wavlink N300 Setup, Wavlink AC750 Setup, Wavlink AC1200 Setup, wavlink AC2100 setup and all other models using the method.

  1. Place your extender to the router wifi range.
  2. Plug the extender to a power outlet and wait for the extender to boot up.
  3. Locate the WPS button on the router which is physically located on the router. Press and hold it for 3 sec.
  4. Now press the WPS button on your wavlink wifi extender within 2 minutes after initiating the WPS from the router.
  5. Once the WPS light turns to solid green. It indicates a successful connection to the router.
  6. Find the _ext wifi on your wifi list and connect any device using your Existing regular wifi password.

If you want to access the Setup page using the web you need to type ap.setup in the URL. To setup the Wavlink wifi extender using the browser click here