learn to check extender ip address after setup

You can login into your Netgear router through routerloigin.net or through it’s assigned IP address to check extender IP address. You need to type routerlogin.net or its static IP address in the URL or address bar and after that type the login credentials like username and password. Once into the dashboard screen then follow the instructions given here to retrieve your extender’s IP address-

  • On the left-hand side of your Netgear router dashboard, you will see an option “Attached devices”.
  • Click on the attached devices and it will show you all the devices connected to the router.
  • In the attached devices options you will see IP address, MAC address, and device name.
  • So look for the extender model number in the device name and note the IP address mentioned in front of the extender model number.
  • You need to type that IP address in the address bar to login to your extender.
  • In case you don’t have an extender under device name then you can try each IP address manually in the URL and one of them will be your extender.
  • Make sure when you try the IP address of the extender, it should be working and plugged into the wall.

NOTE:- You can also cross-check the IP address of the extender in case you have a Netgear router with the help of the Netgear genie APP. Install it and under the attached devices section it will show you the device names and the IP address. Type the extender’s IP like in the URL of your browser to login into the extender.

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