Coredy e300 Wifi range extender Setup

If you are facing trouble in streaming, playing games, and doing your office work, then Bring home the brand new Coredy e300 Wifi range extender. The wifi range extender boosts your signal strength and improves the actual wifi signal. Here we will learn about Coredy e300 extender Setup-

Wifi range extender

A wifi range extender is an electronic device that boosts and extends your wifi network and signal eliminating the dead zones of your house.
It works as a medium or bridge between the wifi router or access point and the devices that are out of its range. E300 transfers the wifi signal to the dead zones of your house or office.
It receives the signal from the data generating device( router, mobile, or computer) and repeats it to the other parts of your house.

Why should you use the Coredy e300 extender?

The Coredy e300 extender comes with multi-function technology and also works as an extender as well as a router or access point.
This extender is laced with high-technology that enables seamless connectivity even in the dead zones of your house.

Coredy e300 extender setup

The e300 extender setup has two steps:

  1. Powering on the extender
  2. Connecting the extender with an existing network
Powering on the extender

Before going to any further steps, you need to power on the e300 extender to enable it to connect with the available networks.

  • Turn on the extender using the power on/off button.
  • Set the mode switch button to ‘repeater’ to use the device as a network extender.
  • Plugin the extender to a power source. (If possible, in the same room where the router is connected.)

Note: The extender should be put close to the access point when
connecting for the first time.

Connecting Coredy e300 extender to an existing network

The extender can be connected to an existing network in two ways that are:

  1. Using WPS
  2. Using a web browser

Connecting Coredy e300 with a web browser

  • Open the wifi network manager software on your mobile device or computer and search the extender name i.e ‘Coredy e300’ by default.
  • Click on the extender’s name and enter the pin or password to connect your mobile device or computer with it.
    ( The password or pin is printed on the extender’s rear panel.)
  • Open a web browser in your device and search ‘http://ap.setup/’ or enter the IP address in the address bar.
  • If required, login to the admin page by entering ‘admin’ as both username and password (Both are in lowercase).
  • Go to mode wizard and select the repeater option.
  • Click on the select button to choose the network you want to extend. Refresh the list if the network list is not loaded properly.
  • Enter the password or pin of the existing network in the space.
  • Click on apply and wait for some minutes for the extender’s restart.
  • Search and connect to the extended network. (You have to enter the same password you entered while connecting to the extender).

By default, the new name of the extended wifi network is ‘ Coredy

Note: If the connection is not established with the new wifi network, the WLAN led will keep blinking, and the new network name will not be updated.

  • Unplug the extender and shift it to about halfway between the weak zones or dead zones of your house and the router.

Note: Make sure that all three WLAN LED lights amber at the same time(this indicates a suitable position, region for the extender).

Tip: Place the extender at a higher region so it has minimum barriers such as walls, ceilings, and windows.

Coredy e300 wifi extender setup via WPS

The Wi-fi protected setup (WPS) comes with most of the routers and repeaters to make connecting to a secure and protected wireless network from a computer or other devices easier and simple.
The WPS setup allows you to connect to a wireless network without entering the username and password.
Different manufacturers use different terms for the WPS button:

  • Push ‘n’ connect
  • Wifi simple configure
  • PBC
  • Quick secure setup(QSS)

The steps to connect to a wireless network using the WPS button are the following:

  • Press the WPS button present at the extender’s front panel. (The WPS led will blink after turning on.)
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes and then press the WPS button of the router or the access point.

The network name will automatically change to ‘Coredy E300_Ext’ after a successful connection. Also, the WLAN-1 LED will turn amber.

  • Confirm the connectivity via the wifi device or the computer.
  • Unplug the extender and shift it between halfway between the
    router/access point and weak zones/ dead zones of your house or office.
  • Place the extender to a higher, upraised location enabling a minimum of barriers such as walls, windows, and ceilings.
  • Find and connect to the wifi network after shifting the extender from the computer or other device.

Note: Make sure that all three WLAN LEDs are blinking.

Using coredy E300 as an Access Point

The coredy E300 wifi extender allows you to use it as an Access Point for data transmission in your house or office.
The access point is networking hardware that allows one or more wifi devices to connect with a wired network.
It connects to wired switches, hubs, and routers via ethernet and emits a Wireless local area network(WLAN, wifi) at a selected place.

Configuring the Access Point

  • Switch the access point to on by turning the On/off button to on. Change the mode to access points.
    The mode switch is present at the side part of the extender/repeater.
  • Plugin the access point to an electrical switch.
  • Connect the access point to the wired port using the ethernet cable that came along with the access point/extender.
  • Open wifi manager in your computer or device and search the access point network name Coredy E300.
  • Select the connect option and enter the username and password or PIN number present at the AP’s label rear panel. (If required)
  • Open a web browser in your device or computer and enter
    http //ap.setup admin or in the address bar.
  • Enter the username and password on the open page. (Both the username and password is admin).
  • Go to mode wizard and select the option access point.
  • Select the security as WPA2/WPA mixed and enter the security password or pin in the key field.
  • Click on apply and wait for a minute for the access point’s reboot.
  • Search and connect to the new wifi network on your computer or device.

Note: The access point will generate a new extended wifi network named ‘Coredy E300’ and has the same password to the device’s wifi network.

coredy e300 wifi extender setup as a router

The Coredy E300 wifi extender setup comes with multi-modes and can also be used as a router.
A router is a wireless hardware that connects to a modem directly via a wired connection. It communicates and creates a network with your wifi network using the in-built antennas enabling internet reach to a wide area in your house or office.

Configuring the Coredy E300 router

  • Take a modem, prepare it, and unplug it from the power source. (If it has a battery backup, remove it).
  • Connect the modem’s cable to the Coredy router’s blue WAN port. Then insert the battery inside the modem.
  • Turn on the Coredy router/extender by switching the on/off button to on. Select the mode as Coredy e300 router from the mode change option.
    (The mode switch option is present at the side panel of the router).
  • Connect a device or computer to use the ethernet cable or connect to the wifi network.

Tip: We prefer using a smartphone for connecting to the wifi network. Find the wifi network named ‘ Coredy E300’ and enter the password or PIN number present at the router’s label.

  • Open your preferred web browser on your computer or device and enter http://ap.setup/admin or in the address bar.
  • Enter the username and password if asked(both are admin in lowercase).
  • Select coredy router on the mode wizard option.

configure the internet connection by obeying the following steps:

  • Your ISP will provide these details:-
    The ISP configuration details for the DSL account
    DSL username and password
    Static or dynamic IP address
  • After receiving the details, if the service provider is offering you these DSL details, choose ‘ADSL Dial-up(PPPoE) and enter the username and password received for the DSL.
  • Be sure that the security type is WPA/WPA2 mixed and enter the
    password in the key field.
  • Click on apply and wait for some time for the router’s reboot.
  • Positioning the router
  • Make sure to position the router within the operating range of the wireless network.
  • Place the router at the central access point(if possible).
  • Make sure the router is connected to an AC power outlet as well as an ethernet cable.
  • Also notice you have minimum barriers between the router and the access point.

Note: If the network speed is still low, try to change frequencies for its solution.

Coredy E300 wifi extender Power LED light status WPS LED status

The extender’s WPS, WAN/LAN, and LAN Power led blinks in multiple colors to indicate multiple statuses of the extender.
The LED’s light and its statuses are:

  • Lit amber: It indicates the starting of the extender/router/access point.
  • Blinking: It indicates that after pressing and holding the WPS button for three seconds, you are able to use WPS for linking to a wifi network and the linking is successfully in progress.
  • Off: It indicates that the extender/router/AP is powered off i.e not connected to a wifi network or power supply.

WAN/LAN LED status

  • Lit amber: it indicates that the extender/router/AP is starting.
  • Blinking rapidly: It indicates the transfer of traffic by the port.


  • Lit amber: It indicates that the extender has detected an ethernet connection to the AP or any other device.
  • Fast blinking: it indicates the transfer of traffic by the port.
  • Off: it indicates the absence of an ethernet connection.