Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup with Troubleshooting

AIGITAL WiFi Repeater Setup can be done using its default IP address. Although if you follow the steps given in the manual you will be able to make it work, but still many people find it difficult to follow the manual. That’s why in this article today we will teach you step by step. First of all this gadget is used for extending the signal strength of the WiFi Router/Access Point. If you want to know how it amplifies the signal then, It is done in three easy steps-

  1. Recognizes and accepts the signal available
  2. Amplifies it
  3. Circulates the amplified signal

In simpler words, it helps to boost the range of the WiFi coverage. It provides high-speed internet connection and one can effectively stream their favourite shows, chat, play online games, and do a lot more activities. For installation and setup, it takes only a couple of minutes. For best coverage we recommend you to install it somewhere between the router and the area with poor WiFi connectivity.

Advantages of AIGITAL WiFi Repeater:

  1. It increases the coverage of the WiFi to the areas that the router/access point could not reach. May it be the corners of the house or the backyard.
  2. Due to its consistency and compatibility, it can extend the WiFi coverage from any model of the available router. So, it has universal compatibilty for all routers.
  3. It allows one to connect devices via wired connectivity with its ethernet port. You can connect devices like desktop, laptop, smart tv, game console, etc.
  4. It ensures high-performance speed.
  5. Its two powerful antennas that enables strong and stable connectivity which can even penetrate the walls.
  6. Due to its sleek and portable structure it can fit flawlessly into your home decors and the wall socket makes it easy to move and deploy flexibly.
  7. Once it is set up, there is no need of the second configuration, just plug and play.
  8. It is ideal for homes and offices.
  9. Cost effective and budget-friendly.
  10. It avoids buffering while streaming shows online or browsing anything.

How to set up Aigital WiFi Extender:

1. Wireless set up-

Here is the AIGITAL WiFi Repeater Setup is available.

  • Plug the WiFi Repeater or extender into the socket.
  • Connect to the WiFi signal; you can do this either on phone or computer. It will come up as “Wifi-2.4G-XXX” or “Wifi-5G-XXX”. Tap on this network to connect to it.
  • Next, Open the browser.
  • Type the IP address in the address bar and click “GO”.
  • Type your login password.
  • Scan and select the home/office WiFi.
  • Type the WiFi password of your place’s in the Wireless Password field.
  • Set a new WiFi Extender’s SSID and password and click “NEXT”.
  • The device will save your settings. And within 2 minutes you will be able to see new WiFi in your WiFi list. You can tap on it and use the same password as your router to connect to it. And finally, your AIGITAL WiFi Repeater Setup is complete.
2. Wired set up-

To have a wired connection, all you have to do is connect the WiFi extender and your laptop or computer via the Ethernet cable. And Bingo! you can now open the browser and type to access the login page. Then follow the on screen instructions to complete the configuration.

Types of Modes in This WiFi Extender:

  1. AP Mode- It provides wired connectivity to wireless. It is recommended to use at home, workplaces, etc. In this you will have to connect ethernet cable from router to the repeater always.
  2. Repeater Mode- It is used to strengthen wireless coverage.
  3. Router Mode: It is used to share one wired WiFi connection to several people present at a place. Since it can support numerous connection types, more than one user can share the internet easily.
  4. Bridge Mode- It can build two individual networks for groups of users sharing one internet. It is used in cafeterias, bars, homes, offices, etc where one can use the internet service without the need for a password.
  5. Client Mode- It helps to connect to a wired device and works as a wireless adapter.

AIGITAL WiFi Repeater Setup: Light indication-

The extender has LED signal indicators to locate the area which is best for the placement for strengthening the signal. In simpler words, it shows the status of the device. The difference in colours and pulse implies the performance of the device. And it is important to note that colours are different for different WiFi extenders. Solid green light on the WiFi means excellent signal, red or amber light means poor signals.
Things to take care of while dealing with this wireless extender:

  1. Your connection speed may decrease if you place your device farther from the extender. As wireless devices use radio technology, there is a decrease in connectivity if there is an increase in the distance in between.
  2. If there is a mismatch in settings of the extender and router, or you change your router or its password. Then you will not be able to connect to your router network. Hence, both the setting should be the same. For this you will need to reset the extender and set it up again.
  3. You may experience network issues if the firmware of your extender is outdate. Hence, for the proper connection, you need to update the firmware of your device.
  4. If you see a problem of password error then try entering the same password as your router.
  5. Sometimes you may not see the available network. Just check if the WiFi icon on your gadget is active and turn on if it is not then the problem lies in your router or access point.

Steps to reset your AIGITAL WiFi Extender:

If your AIGITAL WiFi Repeater or Extender does not accept your password, you may reset your device.

  1. Plug the extender near your WiFi box into the socket.
  2. Perform the factory reset (you can do it by holding the reset button with the help of a paper clip or toothpick for around 15 seconds).
  3. The light on the extender changes.
  4. Wait for a couple of minutes and then configure the device again using the above mentioned steps.

Features of 1200 Mbps Version:

  1. It has two ethernet ports which can be connected to any wired devices such as smart TV, printer, computer, gaming console, etc.
  2. Has four strong antennas with a WiFi coverage up to 3000 sqft.
  3. It speeds up to 300Mbps for 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for 5GHz and has wide range compatibility.

Features of 300 Mbps Version:

  1. It ensures a stable connection with 2.4GB signal band and 300Mbps transmission rate can set up conveniently with a phone or a computer just within three minutes.
  2. Can be connected with all routers and home WiFi devices due to its universal compatibility giving a longer range as well as stronger passing-wall ability.

This Aigital WiFi extender comes with the easy installation procedure and helps you to strengthen the existing WiFi to the longer range so you can use WiFi connection at any areas at home. Now you can say goodbye to buffering of WiFi and enjoy browsing anything with ultrafast connectivity.


ALC AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater Setup