ALC AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater Setup, Troubleshooting, Review

No doubt, if you use a WiFi router at your place, you are familiar with the WiFi repeater too. Wi-Fi repeater is also known as WiFi extender. Even though the name sounds different, the product and its functions are the same. However, a WiFi extender or a repeater extends the range of your existing WiFi network, just like its name implies. It doesn’t need any fresh device to boost the range of your current device, as it amplifies the network blanket of your existing WiFi router. As there are several options that are available for the WiFi router, you will get several WiFi extenders, depending on your choice. However, the specifications will be varied for each of them. Talking about the topic of this article, ALC AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater.

The Wi-Fi extender provides the single with a WiFi frequency up to 2.4 GHz. Its coverage can be made up to 300ft LOS. Also, you can expect a maximum speed of up to 300mbps from the device. The operation temperature of the AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater is in the range of 32°F -104°F. And, you don’t have to worry about its security. As the devices have all the security functions with WEP, WAP, and WAP2.

And, this is not all, the device is available with many more features. You will get to know every detail about the device, once you go through these words. So, please have a look.

ALC Extender Features

Everyone picks up electronic gadgets depending upon, what features the device has. And, once you go through this list, I’m sure, you won’t look for another option for a WiFi repeater or extender. Please have a look at the amazing features of AMR300N WiFi router.

1) Wireless Ethernet

Add an Ethernet port where you didn’t have one preceding. The Wi-Fi Repeater incorporates an Ethernet port to connect your “wired” gadgets and afterward sends remotely to your switch.

2) Eliminate “Dead” Zones

Lift your Wi-Fi signal in the dead zones of your home by adding the Wi-Fi Repeater.

3) Plug and Play

The Wi-Fi Repeater just plugs into an AC source for power and rapidly associates with your Wi-Fi switch with a press of the WPS button.

4) 300 Foot Range

The Wi-Fi Repeater has a scope of up to 300ft with an immediate view.

5) 2.4GHz Compatible

The Wi-Fi Repeater works using the 2.4GHz recurrence, which is the most well-known kind of Wi-Fi utilized.

6) Secure

The Wi-Fi Repeater Security highlights WEP, WPA, and WPA2, a similar sort of security utilized in Wi-Fi switches today.

How to Setup ALC AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater?

Set up a cycle of the WiFi extender or repeater isn’t as protracted as the WiFi switch. Set up of WiFi expanded will pardon a couple of steps that you may have performed during the WiFi switch establishment. Here, you will realize, how to setup AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater without any problem. Along these lines, we should move further.
The most precise technique for connecting the unit is using the WPS button.

  1. Plug Extender into standard divider source having 120V. In the wake of finishing establishment, you can change the area of the Extender.
  2. Press and hold the WPS/Reset button for two seconds until the Status LED begins blinking quickly.
  3. Within two minutes, press the WPS button on your remote switch for a few seconds.
  4. This Extender will reboot and then link with your remote switch. Note the Extender’s name (SSID) will be equivalent to your home Wi-Fi in addition to “_EXT” on the end. Ex. homewifi_EXT

Things to remeber while doing ALC extender setup

: If the WPS work isn’t working or the Status LED doesn’t flicker, reset the unit by pressing the WPS/Reset button for six seconds.

Kindly take note:

If you need to keep the steady connection between your switch and this extender while using the Extender mode, try to introduce this Extender in the most reasonable position.
An incredible method to do this is by checking the Wi-Fi signal on your cell phone after this Extender is introduced. In case that the sign is under 2 bars, we suggest changing the area.

Setup AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater via the web browser

  1. Plug Extender into standard divider source having 120V. After establishment, you can change the area of the Extender.
  2. On a phone, go to your Wi-Fi settings and select ALC Wireless-N. You may get a message expressing the Internet isn’t accessible, this is ordinary. No password is required.
  3. Open a program and enter ap.setup or The login screen will show up. Enter the default password, “admin” and hit Login.
  4. The Wireless page will show up. Hit Wizard at the lower part of the page. On the Wizard page, click Repeater.
  5. Select your Wi-Fi range and enter its password. Name your Extender in the Extender SSID field. Hit Connect.
    Return to your telephone’s Wi-Fi setting and select your new Extender’s SSID. Whenever asked after the Extender reboots, enter your primary Wi-Fi password.
  6. Go back to the internet browser and hit Back. Enter admin as password again to return to the Extender site page. Select Setup at the lower part of the page. Select Time Zone and snap Apply. The Extender is currently prepared to utilize.

AMR300N Extender Led Status

Every LED has some meaning. Like, universally, red light is for danger, and green light is for safety. Likewise, the AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater or extender also has some Led lights on it which has some meaning behind its ON, OFF, or blinking process. You will learn the meaning here:

  • ON: If the Led light is powered ON, it indicates that the device is ON and it is working properly.
  • OFF: If the Led light is powered OFF, it indicates that the extender is not receiving the electrical power.
  • Slow Flashing: If the Led light is flashing slowly, it means that the device network is disconnected.
  • Fast Flashing: If the Led light is blinking fast, it indicates that your device WPS is connecting to the router or AP.


Sometimes, you feel that the device is not working properly or any other issue, and you need to reset your device.
So, to reset your Wi-fi extender, please press or switch the reset button and wait for 10 seconds. Switch it back on, or release the button. This will reset all the previous settings and will allow you to modify them as per your needs.

AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater Firmware Update

What firmware update means?
t is nothing but the process in which you update the version of your device, where, the firmware upgrade replaces the older version of your software with a new one or fix the bugs.
To proceed with the process of firmware upgrade for AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater you can go with the process given below:

  1. Go to the Setup
  2. Visit Firmware Upgrade located at the web management interface. A popup window will appear on the screen.
  3. Hit Browse or Choose File. You will have to select a firmware file to upgrade. You can download the latest version through its website.
  4. Hit Apply
    And the system will start upgrading the older version with the new features.

Issues and their Resolutions

How can I change the password of AMR300N Wi-Fi Repeater?
Everyone knows that the default password is Admin, and everyone can see it. If you don’t change it, it can be a security issue. So, it is always advisable to change the default password. How to do that? Well! It is not at all a tough operation. Have a look:

  1. Please hit Setup
  2. Hit the System Safety menu on the web management interface. And you will see a popup window is opened on your screen.
  3. Kindly hit the Apply button.
    And your work is done.

AMR300N Wifi Extender Review

I bought this WiFi extender because our switch is toward one side of the house and our temple, where our widescreen television is found, is at the opposite end, around 64 feet away, with five dividers in the middle of them and when viewing YouTube recordings the sign was continually dropping, making the recordings buffer. It is turning out brilliantly for that.
I was needing a WiFi extender that had an ethernet port on it and I thought this one had one since it says in the portrayal that it has “Wired Connectivity: Ethernet”.
With the picking up of this device, my search is finished for a good WiFi extender. I am happy with the features of the AMR300N WiFi is providing. And, no doubt, I will recommend this extender to each one out there who are looking for a good option. Highly rated.

Get setup with ap.setup for other details.