The Cudy WR1000 Ac1200 Router Setup and Installation guide

We all are aware of how COVID-19 is keeping so many people working from home and hence there is no denying that your Wi-Fi router is doing a lot more than helping you stream movies and play games. Home Wi-Fi routers keep millions of people working and they are also connecting an ever-growing range of smart home devices. That means picking one that does the best job for both you and your wallet is trickier than ever. It will not be wrong to say that our daily life is incomplete without a good WiFi Internet connection. Isn’t it? Well, the same applies to a good WiFi router as everyone is going cordless these days. There are a lot of websites that describe the best router, but most of them are just filled with nothing but outdated WiFi routers that no longer work with the latest Internet technology. In this article, we cover Cudy WR1000 AC1200 Gigabit Wireless Router that will handle your current and future wireless networking needs.

Features of Cudy AC1200 Router


Cudy WR1000 AC1200 Smart Wi-Fi Router WR1000 offers next-generation Wi-Fi connectivity, which will provide a wide area of coverage and better speed for uninterrupted working. It comes with an AC1200 Wi-Fi Router WR1000 that has dual bands – 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5 GHz 867Mbps Wi-Fi Speeds. You can do simple tasks like emails, web browsing, and music listening using the strong 2.4GHz 300Mbps Wi-Fi. At the same time, play online games or stream HD videos using the crystal 5GHz 867Mbps Wi-Fi.


Regarding security, Cudy AC1200 WR1000 ensures high security across the network keeping you safe while doing online tasks. Malicious packets are prevented from entering the network with Firewall protection. Mac and IP Filtering helps in blocking unknown clients. Separate access is provided for the Guest network isolating from the family network. Also, parental control function helps in limiting access for kids and also helps in preventing phishing.

Dual functionality

The best part is the Cudy WR1000 AC1200 router is 2-in-1, not only a router but can be used as a range extender also.


  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router
  • 2.4 GHz 300Mbps + 5 GHz 867Mbps Wi-Fi Speeds
  • 5dBi High Gain Antennas for large home coverage
  • Built-in Firewall protect your home network
  • Guest network protect your privacy
  • Support VPN passthrough for IPSec, PPTP and L2TP
  • Compatible with IPv6
  • Easy wireless security encryption at a push of WPS button

How To Log Into Cudy WR1000 Wireless Router?

Here are the steps to log into Cudy WR 1000 Wireless Router:

  1. Open your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera or any other browser)
  2. Type (the default IP to access the admin interface) in the address bar of your internet browser to access the router’s web-based user interface.
  3. You should see 2 text fields where you can enter a username and a password.
    • The default username for your Cudy WR1000 V1 is admin.
    • The default password is admin.
  4. Enter the username and password, hit Enter and now you should see the control panel of your router.

What is the Default Login for My Cudy AC1200 Router?

The default logins for Cudy WR1000 are as follows:

  • IP Address:
  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Note: If you are not able to log in to your router, then you are probably entering the wrong username or password. Remember to make a note of both after you have changed them.

How to Install Cudy wr1000 AC1200 Router via Android /iOS

The following are the steps to install Cudy WR1000 Wireless Router through Android/iOS:

  1. Connect the Router to power.
  2. Open the phone WiFi settings.
  3. Search the WiFi name of your Router.
  4. Then open the browser and type and click enter.
  5. Click the Wireless Repeater option.
  6. In the dialog box, choose the Range Extender option, then choose the network you want to extend.
  7. Enter the WiFi password and click Save/Apply.

How to Install Cudy AC1200 Router via Computer?

The following are the steps for Cudy Router setup through Computer
1. Connect the LAN ports of the router to the computer with a network cable.
2. Connect DC IN Ports with Power adapter.
3. Open the browsers and type or ap.setup in the URL and hit Enter.
4. In the dialog box, choose the Range Extender option, then choose the network you want to extend
5. Finally enter the WiFi password and click Save/Apply.

How to reset the Cudy AC1200?

Here are the steps to reset your Cuddy AC1200 Wireless router:

  1. Clicking on the reset button at the back or at the bottom of your router.
  2. Hold down this small button for approximately 20 seconds, (you may have to use a toothpick)
  3. Your modem will get restored to the factory settings. What you need to keep in mind is that when you reset your modem, you will lose your connection online. It is therefore better to take an expert’s assistance in this regard.

Note: If you do not have enough information, it is obviously recommended that you should get help from a person who has all the knowledge about this topic

Why is the Cudy WR1000 Router Page Not Loading?

If the login page is not loading, make sure the device you are using is connected to the wi-fi. You will also need to check if the wrong router IP address is set as the default one.

Having Issues Loading/Problems With Speed on Cudy WR1000

In this case, your network is probably using a different IP address. If this occurs, consult our IP address router list, and locate the right address. If you need any help, check out our tutorial on how to find your router’s IP address.

Final Words

We understand the criticality of the current situation and hence, in this article we covered one of the best wireless routers out there in the market – Cudy AC1200 Wireless Router. With Cudy WR1000 AC1200 router in-home or office, you can enjoy high performance, more flexible internet connection, and secure working/browsing over the WiFi network. We also covered the common issues faced by the Wi-Fi router users and their solutions. We will come up with solutions to more issues.