loom wireless extender

Does your home network router signal not cover all of your home zones? Are you struggling with your wireless router’s poor connection issues? The internet-relevant task never can be done appropriately with the poor connection of the network. So, to stop all such errors, you have to put midway between your wireless router an annoying free-range extender. Currently, the loom wireless extender is in use and is mostly used by people to stop your routers from being never-ending annoying. To know all the Loom WiFi extender instructions especially regarding its setup, you have to only understand the user manual.

Fundamentally, the loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster expands your router signal range up to 2640sq.ft. If you are speculating regarding “How to do the Loom WiFi Extender setup?” then, single on touch or hold the WPS button on this range extender device. You can log in to this Loom range extender with its default IP address. With the IP address of this range extender, you can efficiently log in to this extender. Moreover, this IP is not used for login whether you can also use it for the setup of the range extender. Get the expandable details regarding this Loom extender from the below.

Loom WiFi extender signal booster Installation

Are thinking about installing this wireless range extender precisely but don’t know “How to install the Loom WIFi extender?”. You have to Emulate the below-mentioned points.

  • In the beginning, unbox the Loom WiFi range booster.
  • After this, kindly take the Loom WiFi extender signal booster user manual and its furthermore accessories that are present into its packaging box.
  • If all the instructions are understood by you through its manual then let’s install it.
  • Use the plug and play method to operate this wireless extender comfortably.
  • Plug this LOOM range extender into the free power strip/outlet and turn on the electrified power strip.
  • Now, in this order, you have to pair this extender with your router using the WPS button.
  • Hold the WPS button on both of their devices together that’s located on the gateway of your device.
  • Consequently, the wireless connection is established between your range extender when its signal lights start flashing.
  • Now, this Loom range extender is installed happily.

So, these are the terrific aforementioned steps for the Loom WiFi extender signal booster Installation. Emulate these steps to installing it correctly.

What do you need to connect to the loom WiFi Extender?

Here are some necessary things that are most important to connecting this wireless range extender internet. These are some required things:

  • SSID/WiFi network name
  • Router IP address
  • Network connection password
  • Log in details for the router settings
  • Computer or any other internet-enabled device, etc.

How Do I connect the Loom WiFi Extender signal booster/amplifier?

Here are some mentioned steps to connect this LOOM WiFi Booster with the internet. There are two methods to connect this range extender internet that is:

(i) loom wireless extender Setup using the WPS Method

Here are the following steps to connect your device to the internet by the WPS method.

  • To combine your system with the WPS method, firstly locate the WPS button on your Loom range extender as well as on your router gateway too.
  • If your existing router doesn’t have a WPS button, then you will have to use it instead from its configuration page.
  • Now, you have to press your router & extender the physical WPS button.
  • If it doesn’t have a WPS button then open a router configuration setup wizard page and use the software button.
  • In this way, once your Loom WiFi booster and router connect.
  • Verify the booster signal light and your router link light.
  • It should be flashing or lit up on your Loom WiFi range extender.
  • If your router and extender WPS button are both pressed at one time then your range extender units with your router 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz band network.
  • Now, the range extender happily connects with your router network.
(ii) loom WiFi Extender signal booster Setup without WPS

Below mentioned steps are given to connect your Loom signal booster with the internet but without the WPS method. Following are the steps:

  • After the Loom WiFi extender installation, kindly open a web browser.
  • Ensure that your computer connects with a pretty good internet connection.
  • Login to the WiFi range extender and go on a setup wizard page.
  • Through its setup page, you will have to move on to the wireless network settings.
  • Choose the device SSID (network name) and password.
  • Change the settings accordingly and save it.

Connect the loom WiFi range extender internet with your devices?

Now, after connecting your range extender with the router internet. You have to connect this device to your devices. So, let’s follow these below-given steps.

  • Launch in your computer system wireless settings.
  • Here the network name will be presented on your desktop.
  • Simply, insert your device name, if it is prompting, otherwise, enter your existing router WiFi password in the password field.
  • In this way, you attach your all internet-enabled devices with its network.
  • Eventually, you have to enjoy its well-joined internet connection.

Have any correct methods to log in to the loom WiFi range extender?

Yes, you can easily log in to the Loom range extender with the browser and with the app. Following are the steps to log in to it.

(i) loom wireless extender Login With the web browser
  • Type in the address bar of the web browser the Loom WiFi extender signal booster IP address or https://www.prowifiboost.com.
  • Explore it and register your new range extender and create an account.
  • Enter your mobile number or Email address in the Email field that’s shown on your desktop screen.
  • Create an admin account for the Loom range extender.
  • Enter in the text field your loom wifi extender password and also confirm it again.
  • After this, locket your device wireless network name from the presenting lists and go ahead.
  • Select your Loom WiFi range Extender SSID and type your existing router password.
  • This is now login with the correct method.

Hence, these are the Loom WiFi extender login steps. Use all the above-mentioned points to log in to your extender.

(ii) loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster with the app

Following are the steps mentioned for the loom WiFi extender signal booster login by the app.

  • Firstly, launch a Loom app on your internet-enabled device.
  • After this, open this app and finish the registration process of this signal booster.
  • If you already have an account, then, in this case, you just enter your account details in the login box.
  • Put the username in the Loom WiFi extender admin field.
  • In another field, enter the Loom WiFi extender default password.
  • Ensure that your entering details are correct.
  • Go ahead, and lastly click on the login option.
  • The Loom WiFi extender signal booster setup page is displayed on your desktop screen if it is correctly logging by you.

Why does the loom WiFi extender signal booster bring the user manual?

The Loom WiFi extender signal booster manual is most required to know the safety instructions regarding this range extender. You can’t operate your wireless range extender precisely without understanding this user manual instruction. You can get some of your querying answers through its user manual. These are some queries that are included under the Loom WiFi extender signal booster manual:

  • Does the loom WiFi extender support 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz band technology?
  • How to reset the loom wifi extender?
  • How to configure the Loom WiF extender?
  • Is this Loom WiFi extender update?
  • Have an app for operating the loom Wireless range Extender?
  • What shows the Loom wifi extender lights?
  • Does the loom wireless extender provide the 2.4Ghz internet signal?
  • Why do we need to buy the Loom WiFi extender signal booster?
  • Does the loom Wifi extender signal booster cover up to 2640 sq. ft areas?

Therefore, you should understand the Loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster manual to know about this newest generation device.

What are the quick steps for the loom WiFi extender setup?

The loom wifi extender signal booster setup steps are almost dependable on the web interface. You have to do the following steps:

  • The foremost, use the web interface, either you can use the Loom WiFi extender app.
  • Once login in, you have to instantly get the setup page on your system desktop.
  • You should now finish the setup process of this device.
  • Follow the on-screen direction simply to modify the loom extender settings.
  • Make sure you may apply all the settings correctly.
  • In this manner, you simply click on the “change all settings or save” option.
  • Eventually, the loom WiFi extender setup steps are gracefully finished.

Which types of issues occur with the loom WiFi extender?

These are the loom WiFi extender issues, this is given below.

  • The loom wifi extender is not connecting.
  • Sometimes, this loom wifi extender has no internet connection.
  • The loom wifi extender is not working.
  • This loom wifi extender lights not flashing or blinking.
  • The web interface shows the Loom wifi extender password or username is incorrect.
  • Many times, the loom WiFi extender does not Support Alexa?
  • The loom Long Range Amplifier with Ethernet Port not working, etc.

Have any standard ways for the loom WiFi extender troubleshooting?

Here are the loom wifi extender troubleshooting tips, that are mentioned below.

  • Fundamentally, the loom wifi extender is not working due to an unstable connection of your router or misconfiguration. Resolves this device issue by using the reconfiguration method.
  • Another issue is represented by it, that is the loom wifi extender has no internet connection. You can simply resolve it by moving it to another location.
  • If the loom wifi extender is not connecting with your router internet. In this case, you just try again and ensure that it is connected now. If this is not connecting yet, then, you have another option, loom wifi extender factory reset.
  • If the loom WiFi extender does not Support Alexa, its specific reason is that your range extender does not connect with the router precisely. So, let’s connect it again and get rid of this occurring issue.
  • In this case, if the loom wifi extender lights are not flashing, then kindly reset your loom Wireless Internet Repeater in a precise manner.

loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster Review

If you are thinking about taking a new generation 2021 release Wireless Internet Repeater then, first of all, know about its all details. So, firstly check the loom wifi extender signal booster reviews through Amazon or any other platform. Here are amazing details that are named for this device review.

loom WiFi extender signal booster size and design

The Loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster is a booster that covers your router network range up to 2640sq.ft. It is the newest generation 2021 release Wireless Internet Repeater. The Long Range Amplifier brings with the Ethernet port connection. This Access Point works well, you can finish this device setup with the 1-Tap. The design of this system is mesmerizing and ingenious that supports Alexa & the 2.4Ghz frequency network connection. It is the best wifi extender to cover your home poor zones. The model number of this device is the LOOM2021.

Specifications of the loom WiFi extender

The Brand name of this device is the Loom and the network Range covered by this device is up to 2640 Feet. The Data Transfer Rate that’s provided by it, is 300 Megabytes Per Second. The Wireless Communication Standard connection and is compatible with the 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11b, 802.11a.

Loom WiFi extender signal booster Dimensions LxWxH

The dimension of this wireless range extender is 3 x 2.5 x 2 inches and the weight of this device is 6.4 ounces. This is the first time it will be available in the market on April 11, 2021.

loom WiFi Extender Signal Booster price on Amazon

The Price of this wireless range extender is $39.99 and the ratings that are granted by the users is 7,907.