JustWatch Vs. Reelgood– Which Is The Better Streaming Platform?

Do you want to know Which is a better streaming platform for TV shows and movies? Right now, everyone is searching for a better streaming platform that provides better streaming services without too many ads and subscription costs.

Do you know a lot of streaming platforms are available online such as Disney Plus, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc? Well, you don’t have to choose a suitable one when you can use all these streaming platforms.

Moreover, these all are the streaming platforms that provide you with a lot of features with thousands of movies and TV shows. However, once in a while, it can be difficult to locate the right streaming platform to watch.

It’s additionally tiresome when you have to explore across various streaming platforms, changing around and forth.

Not to bother, there are streaming directories like JustWatch and Reelgood to help you. Reelgood and JustWatch are two identical yet different streaming platforms.

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Here, you will figure out which is the more suitable streaming platform as we compare JustWatch Vs. Reelgood.


JustWatch comes with a lot of streaming service features together just under a single streaming platform. It allows you to discover what Amazon Prime Video, watch on Netflix, and Amazon Disney Plus, to name a few.

The app allows you to explore a lot of streaming platforms at the exact time. Furthermore, you can create a suitable watchlist with movies from additional streaming platforms.

JustWatch is rather prevalent as it’s available across North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, continents, Asia, and the Pacific.

You don’t have to use JustWatch on your Smart Tv with its mobile app. Just download and install it for iOS and mobile phone users. You can also find what to watch using the online website.

Contrarily, you can utilize either JustWatch or Reelgood to locate the most OK movies and TV shows to watch across various streaming platforms.


Reelgood is also one of the best streaming platforms which guide you to use it very easily. Apart from this, it assists you to find online movies and TV shows you’ll value and where to watch them. You can follow, explore, discover, and stream a lot of online movies and shows with Reelgood.

Apart from this, Reelgood has over 150,000 TV and movie listings. It helps prevalent streaming services like HBO, and Hulu, Netflix, Prime, to name a few.

There are both free TV shows, and premium and online movies, and you can subscribe to your favorite streaming platforms via Reelgood. When your Tv remote is not working adequately while you are locating your favorite Tv show or online movies or connecting your Tv with your mobile phone app, then you can try to reset samsung remоte. It allows you to use your smart tv remote adequately.

You can easily access the directions through the website with a Google browser or the mobile app. Reelgood is free to use unless you’re a company client.

JustWatch Vs. Reelgood

Reelgood allows you to explore a lot of movies online and your favorite TV shows through the website without making and registering with your account. Nevertheless, you must make an account to do more. You furthermore require an account to use the Reelgood app.

Initiating a Reelgood account is easy. You can sign up on the Reelgood account easily using email and password credentials, Apple account details, or either your Facebook, Google, etc.

To locate a lot of online movies, you either explore using the tracking box or by classification; Reelgood levels content by movies, new releases, TV shows, and your watchlist.

JustWatch allows users to sign up with their Apple account, Facebook, Google, etc. You can sign up to operate an email and password as well.

After you log in to your JustWatch account, you’ll locate an extensive catalogue of movies and TV shows from additional streaming services. You can explore any movie you like or find new ones from the Latest and Favored pages.

By default, you’ll discover movies and TV shows from Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Just on your JustWatch dashboard. You can effortlessly add more or terminate any of the default online streaming platforms.