Trifiboost wifi extender setup

The TrifiBoost Wifi Extender is an exclusive booster. It extends the wifi signal range up to larger areas. You can access the better signal power of 5GHz WiFi Streaming. TrifiBoost is a flawless wireless range extender that enhances the WiFi signal range and makes the internet better quality.

It is designed with 3 antennas. Its two antennas deliver the 2.4Ghz and another antenna provides the 5Ghz band network connection. The overall performance of the trifiboost extender is impeccable and supports 2.4G and 5G networks.

The Trifiboost wireless range extender also allows wireless internet better functionality and has 3 unique methods for TrifiBoost Wifi Extender setup watch in video. Trifiboost is a close-ideal Wi-Fi booster that will assist you in obliterating dead zones and enhance your home device’s internet speeds.

It can bring an existing 802.11ac wireless network signal to your wifi router to boost and repeat its network signal range. TrifiBoost extender supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless networks. You can take both standard network connections into your compatible devices.

Let’s know from here about its features, trifiboost login, trifiboost setup, troubleshooting, & reviews.

TriFiBoost Wifi Booster Features

Here are the following features of the Trifiboost booster.

  • The Trifiboost booster is an influential 5Ghz band mega booster. It extends your wifi signal range very easily and makes it too powerful.
  • It is an incredible signal booster that extends the internet of your home device even in the hardest-to-reach rooms.
  • The TriFiBoost booster increases the home router’s wifi coverage.
  • It gives the lightning snappy wifi data transfer rate of up to 433Mbps.
  • You can use and install the trifiboost very easily. It works with plug-and-play methods.
  • The trifiboost booster is too small, inconspicuous, and compatible. It is enough to place at any location.

All of these above given are the best features of the trifiboost wifi range extender.

Trifiboost wifi extender installation

Do you know, “how to install a trifiboost booster?” There are the following steps for the trifiboost installation.

  • The trifiboost wifi booster installation process is not too hard.
  • It just works with plug & play methods.
  • You will have to, first of all, unbox it.
  • Take it out from the trifiboost package box.
  • You must have to carry all the supplements.
  • It comes with a trifi boost manual, trifiboost wifi booster, Ethernet cable, etc.
  • You will read consciously all the trifiboost wifi extender user manual instructions for the trifiboost installation.
  • It is easy to install after knowing the security and other various trifiboost booster installation instructions guide from its manual.
  • So, let’s plug it near your home wifi and turn on its power.
  • You will connect it with the correct power supply adapter, to cope with the trifiboost not connecting issue. The trifiboost wifi extender LED lights will turn on. It means it’s been ready to connect to your router.

Troubleshooting:– When the trifiboost Wifi extender power led light is off, it means your device is not receiving the electrical power connection.

Note:- trifiboost extender default IP- or trifiboost website address- http://ap.setup, trifiboost login password: admin, trifiboost wifi SSID: trifiboost_2.4Ghz or trifiboost_5Ghz.)

How do I connect the trifiboost wifi booster to WPS?

You can easily use the trifiboost wifi extender after connecting the trifiboost booster with the router wifi connection. These are the steps that help you to do the trifiboost wifi setup with the router.

  • The WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) allows you to trifiboost wifi booster set up with your wifi AP/Router mode (repeater mode). You can use the WPS mode without entering the network name and password.
  • First of all, turn on the repeater mode on your wifi router or access point to pair the trifiboost booster with your router via the WPS button.
  • Press and keep hold of the trifiboost WPS button for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Wait for a while and in the same way, kindly hold your wireless router WPS button.
  • In this way, the trifiboost wifi extender connects to the router wifi connection successfully.
  • It allows you to use your trifiboost booster network on your various devices like laptops, computers, iPhones, etc.
  • After connecting the trifiboost wifi extender, verify the trifiboost wifi signal LED light. If the trifiboost extender WPS led light flashes fast, your device is connecting to your AP/Router.

Troubleshooting:– If the trifiboost wifi extender WPS LED light flashes slow, it means your device is waiting for a client network connection.

When the trifiboost wifi led lights are off, it means the trifiboost wifi is unavailable. You just reconnect it with the router’s wifi connection.

Trifiboost wifi extender setup

Following are the steps for the trifiboost wifi extender setup and configuring the trifiboost wifi extender wifi repeater mode wirelessly.

  • First of all, set the repeater mode on your wifi router.
  • Now, you have to plug the trifiboost wifi extender into the wall socket,
  • Make sure the trifiboost wifi extender led lights turn on.
  • Turn on your computer power and click on the wifi or network settings.
  • You just choose from under its wifi settings, you trifiboost wifi extender SSID, it will automatically demonstrate its name on your computer screen just after a second.
  • Locate it and click on the trifiboost wifi SSID: trifiboost_2.4Ghz or trifiboost_5Ghz.
  • Choose a band wifi connection from 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz and then click on the “Connect” option. Indeed, it will not prompt you with a wifi password until you do not set it up through the web browser.
  • Let’s configure the trifiboost wifi range extender settings and set the new password via its web-based setup method.

Trifiboost wifi extender login

These are the following steps to help you to access the trifiboost wifi extender login page via a web browser.

  • First, you will connect the computer with the trifiboost wifi extender wifi connection.
  • Now, you have to launch the web browser on your browser.
  • Enter the URL trifiboost site or http://ap.setup.
  • Also, you can use the trifiboost booster default ip address, it is
  • All these are the trifiboost wifi booster web address that helps you to access the trifiboost login admin page.
  • Now, you need to access the trifiboost wifi extender login admin page.
  • When the trifiboost booster login page launches on your computer screen, choose the trifiboost login option.
  • After a while, the trifiboost login box pops up on the desktop screen.
  • Type the trifiboost login username and trifiboost wifi extender password in the trifiboost login credentials field.
  • Click on the trifiboost wifi extender login option to finish this process.
  • Then, access the trifiboost booster setup page to configure the settings.

Trifiboost setup

Following are the trifiboost wifi range extender setup checkpoints.

  • Enter in the web browser http //ap.setup admin address.
  • Access it and log in to your trifiboost booster.
  • After this, click on the trifiboost booster system setup option.
  • Choose the trifiboost Setup Wizard option and go ahead.
  • Then, you have to choose the trifiboost Wi-Fi SSID and specify the trifiboost setup default password.
  • You just emulate the instructions which are given above and use its network for accessing the high-speed connection of your home wifi obliterating dead zones.
  • Click on the “Next” option and change the trifiboost wifi extender password and it’s another setting.
  • In the end, you must save all the applied settings in your trifiboost booster. Otherwise, you need the trifiboost troubleshooting.

Trifiboost wifi extender not working

The trifiboost wifi extender not working, not connecting, the trifiboost wifi extender keeps disconnecting, the trifiboost keeps losing connection, the trifiboost wifi extender LED lights are not blinking, and it’s causing various issues. If the trifiboost wifi extender causes problems, you just need to find a feasible solution to troubleshoot it.

You can troubleshoot the trifiboost wifi extender not working issue by reconfiguring the trifiboost wifi extender. Unplug it and wait for a second, plug it back again into the impeccable electric switch. Then, connect it again with the power source, wifi router wifi connection, and use the trifiboost wifi extender network connection again.

Reset trifiboost wifi extender

Here are the following steps to reset trifiboost wifi extender factory default settings.

  • If you would like to reset the trifiboost wifi extender with its reset button, first of all, locate it on the trifiboost wifi booster reset button.
  • The trifiboost wifi extender reset button or WPS button is the same, it may be given on its back or rear panel.
  • You just press and keep holding the trifiboost wifi booster reset button for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Keep holding the trifiboost reset button until its power signal light does not flash.
  • Also, you can reset the trifiboost booster through a web browser.
  • Go to the setup page and to manage the trifiboost factory default settings, choose the advanced settings.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and reset trifiboost wifi extender.
  • By resetting the trifiboost wifi booster factory default settings, you can easily get rid of the trifiboost no power and another trifiboost wifi extender causing issues.

Trifiboost wifi extender review

The trifiboost wifi extender is an amazing wifi router. It is useful to boost the home wifi signal and obliterate dead zones. You can use the trifiboost wifi booster signal range in each corner. The trifiboost wifi extender setup and its management process are too easy. Apart from this, the trifiboost booster price is not too high, but it’s not too spendthrift. You can solve the trifiboost wifi extender causing problems very easily. The trifiboost wifi extender firmware update makes its working and performance too flawless. It is considered in the best wifi extender category. Moreover, the trifiboost wifi extender manual helps you to accomplish the trifiboost setup and another configuration process.