How do I access Synology remotely without Quickconnect?

Synology Network storage attached device made up by one of the most prevalent developers. The Network Attached Storage devices are available on the market today and you can also buy them through online platforms like Amazon, Reddit, Walmart, eBay, etc. It is available in the market just for a terrific reason. It is genuinely useful at what they do. They always make better technology devices that stand the test of term and quality top-notch software. These overall services make the process of conducting a home server as effortless as devouring a slice of the pie.

Yet, if you are using a Synology NAS for the first time and want to set up a Synology NAS, you likely have a few questions, and the usual pressing is assumable “How do I log into the danged specialty?”

Fortunately, Synology has created a genuinely straightforward way to log in securely. You can hook it up by using the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your Synology network attached storage device. It uses the convenient guide desktop application designed by Synology or emulates this manual to set up synology quickconnect, the conclusive best method for securely signing in to your Network Attached Storage device dashboard.

Steps to access the Synology remotely without Quickconnect

The Synology wireless storage device is easily accessible with the browser. You can use it very easily and log in to your Synology account to access all the stored photos, files, etc. As for Dynamic DNS or Synology QuickConnect, it’s an issue of amenity vs command, speed, and privacy. In any matter, you can constantly operate both — you will just note how DDNS is much more rapid than QuickConnect. Without further ado, let’s follow the below-given steps to access the Synology Attached storage device.

1. Navigate first of all on your Synology NAS home screen

The most straightforward method to get access to your new Synology network is an attached storage device. It is essentially looking it up by its IP address. You can furthermore use the Synology guide app to look up any Synology products linked to your regional network as pleasingly.

Once on your wireless Synology desktop, launch on your Control Panel.

2. Launch the Synology Account

Make sure, your Synology NAS is connected well with the power connection and with a great signal of network connection. After connecting it with the internet connection, kindly access login on the Google browser. This is the best web address to log in to your web Synology account.

So, let’s search this web address and access Synology NAS remotely without Quickconnect. It is a very simplest way to access your Synology NAS account. Go on the Synology account and click on the login option.

After completing the Synology login credentials, kindly cross-check if you entered the correct details. Check the Email address and password again, and finally, click on the Synology login option.

3. Sign in to your Synology NAS account

After launching a Synology account on your desktop browser screen, kindly sign in to your Synology network attached storage system.

Click on the sign-in option and enter your Synology account Id and in the next field, type your wireless Synology NAS password. Simply, confirm that both entered details are correct. If it is incorrect, then enter it again and log in.

4. Navigate on the Synology NAS Setup page

When you successfully logged into your Synology account, kindly go to the web administration page of the Synology account. It will help you to configure your wireless network attached storage system in a lot of settings.

Through the access synology nas from android setup page, you can also modify the wifi settings of your networking device. If you would like to connect your wireless device with the internet connection, then go into the network settings and connect it with a wifi network connection.

Choose the wifi settings from the Synology home setup page. Under the settings menu, kindly pick up the network or wireless setup page. Then, click on the network connection and locate your router network name and tap on it. After this, if it prompts a password from you, then enter it. Wait for a while, it is connecting your Synology wireless storage device with a wifi connection.

5. Access Synology remotely without Quickconnect

Lastly, your Synology network attached storage device is successfully accessed. You need to just access your Synology NAS account with the correct login details. It will not allow you to access Synology remotely without Quickconnect if you enter incorrect login credentials.