How to do the Joowin wifi extender setup with Joowin App?

The WiFi router is the one that provides very unlimited internet with a better speed. Along with having many advantages, it also has many flaws.

It is clear that along with having more qualities in any object, there are definitely defects. WiFi Router is a device that gives internet to your home device with proper speed and unlimited.

But the biggest drawback of this is that it covers only the area without a signal in the house. Apart from this, the WiFi router when you do not know its network in the apartment of your house, in the background, on the upper terrace of the house, its proper signal is not reached.

Did you too are facing all these problems? Did your router’s wifi get disconnected frequently? If yes, don’t worry, this problem can be solved very easily. If the network of your router is weak then you can use an extender.

The Joowin wifi extender is great from one of the 2022 best wireless range extenders. It intensifies the existing network signal range in your home in each corner.

Overall performance of the Joowin extender is good. The joowin extender setup and its other management function run with the joowin app. It is best to control your range extender from anywhere just with the app.

Let’s get the vast details about, “how to do the Joowin setup”.

Joowin WiFi Range Extender Installation Guide

The extender is the best eliminator which eliminates dead spots and provides a high-speed network without internet zones. Following are the point-to-point steps or a Joowin extender guide, which helps you to install it with your router.

  • First of all, take all the supplements or accessories for the Joowin extender setup.
  • Before the Joowin extender installation, once you read all the safety instructions from the Joowin extender installation manual.
  • The Joowin extender manual is included in the package box.
  • Once you have read all the instructions, you all check the supplements out of your box that they are correct.
  • Now, keep the joowin wireless range extender near the router.
  • Make sure your routers work well.
  • After this, you will connect the Joowin extender to the power adapter.
  • If you would like to connect it with the router network directly, you just use the Ethernet cable and connect it with your router and extender LAN port.
  • Now, you have to start its power.
  • Wait until the signal lights do not start blinking.
  • When Joowin extender lights are turned on, that means it’s ready to use.

Finally, the Joowin extender installation process is completed. You can use its network of Joowin extenders on those devices which are placed in dead zones.

How to connect to the Joowin wifi extender?

The Joowin wifi extender network connects with your wireless router very easily. If you want to connect its network with your devices like laptops, mobile phones, computers, etc.

  • First of all, make sure your extender works.
  • After this, go into the settings on your device.
  • Then, choose the wireless or network settings.
  • Click on the network settings and then go into the wireless settings.
  • Turn on the wifi and check your range extender name in its wifi network name section.
  • Tap on the network name if you find it.
  • After this, enter your Joowin range extender password. Otherwise, it will connect directly when you click on the connect option.

If you would like to set up the Joowin wifi range extender with the Joowin app for Joowin extender configuration and other settings. Just follow the below-given instructions.

Joowin login

These are the following steps given for the joowin login.

  • First, connect your mobile phone to the wifi.
  • After that, you need to install a Joowin app on your mobile phone.
  • Open this app once it’s installed.
  • Go into the home page and choose the login option, if you have an already registered account.
  • Click on the joowin wifi extender login option.
  • After this, the Joowin login box appears on your computer screen.
  • Enter the Joowin username and password in the login box.
  • Both Joowin login credentials are main for accessing the joowin login admin page.
  • So, enter both the details very consciously and cross-check after entering them.
  • It allows you to access the joowin admin page for its configuration.

So, these are the following steps that help you to access the Joowin login with the Joowin app. If you want to configure it, just follow the given steps.

joowin wifi extender setup

The Joowin extender setup is a pivotal function to operate your wireless range extender very impeccably. So, let’s follow the below-given steps for the Joowin extender configuration.

  • First of all, ensure that your wireless range extender works appropriately with your wireless router.
  • Once you logged in, go into the joowin setup page.
  • Just emulate the on-screen instructions for its configuration.
  • When the joowin 1200mbps wifi extender setup applies then you will save all the settings.
  • Through its setup page, you can also manage its various settings.
  • Like you can get high-speed internet by improving its bandwidth through its network settings, changing the Joowin extender password, updating joowin extender firmware, etc.

So, all these are the following steps to help you with the Joowin extender configuration. Make sure you apply all the settings accurately. Otherwise, it causes an error.

joowin wifi extender not working

The Joowin wifi extender is not working sometimes. It will be caused due to the unstable network connection of your wireless router. These are the following steps to get rid of the issue.

  • First of all, confirm that all the wires are attached to the joowin wifi extender.
  • Make sure all the signal lights of the Joowin wifi extender work.
  • Also, confirm that your joowin range extender is connected to your wireless router network.
  • Now, you have to test that its network connection works.
  • If it is not working, then go into the settings and apply the settings for the wifi network connection.
  • Just follow the on-screen instructions and apply the wifi settings.
  • Otherwise, you can reset the Joowin range extender.

joowin app

The joowin app is used for managing and controlling the Joowin wifi range extender. Apart from this, these are the following use of this app, it is such as;

  • It is used for updating the Joowin range extender.
  • You can easily get updated your joowin wifi extender firmware.
  • It allows you to manage the various settings of your device.
  • The joowin app easily reset the joowin extender factory default settings.
  • If you would like to change something like into your joowin extender then you just use the Joowin app.

joowin wifi extender setup password

The joowin wifi extender setup password is most valuable for using it. To set the password of the Joowin range extender, use the joowin ip address. After this, go into the settings and choose the joowin extender password setup. To change the password of the wireless joowin extender, go to the joowin setup page. Choose the Joowin range extender password change and follow the given instructions on the screen. In the end, apply the settings and save it. is a web address that is used for the Joowin wifi range extender setup. Search the Joowin range extender setup on the web browser. After this, follow the instructions on the screen. It permits you to modify the settings of your range extender.

joowin username and password

The joowin username and password are useful for accessing the web browser. Through the joowin password, you can easily connect to its network. The username of the joowin range extender is best to access the joowin admin page.

how to change joowin password

Joowin wifi range extender password can be changed through the web page. You will use the joowin extender app and go into the joowin setup page. Choose the password setting and change your password as per the given instructions to change it on the screen.

reset joowin wifi extender

Once you will restart your joowin range extender. After this, located the on the rear panel of the joowin range extender reset button. Hold the joowin range extender reset button for three to 5 seconds. Keep holding it until it will not reset. When it’s reset, you will leave the joowin reset button. Now, your joowin wifi extender factory default settings have been successfully reset.

joowin wifi extender firmware update

Launch the joowin app first and choose the login option. Once you log in, go into the Joowin extender setup page. Under it, locate the Joowin extender firmware update and follow the given instructions on the screen. So, let’s update it and use it with its latest version of the firmware.

joowin wifi extender review

The Joowin range extender is one of the incredible range extenders. It eliminates the dead zone and provides the internet signal range into your home in each corner. If you want to get the proper signal range of your wifi router. Overall performance of this range extender is too good as compared to others. Moreover, it has a lot of features and unlimited benefits to use the internet from this range extender.

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